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Why We Do What We Do…..

 Pure-Ecommerce is one of the only companies that offers one on one consulting, training and mentoring. It’s done one on one via phone consults, 24 hour support system and online eLearning Library. The reason we’ve structured our training process this way is because we know people learn in many different ways. We want to offer our clients a more hands on process to help them set up and run their ecommerce businesses.  this is why we set up the Pure-Ecommerce consulting process in this manner.
We believe anyone who wants to own their own business can! we believe that everyone with the talent, passion, drive and/or desire that can be useful to others has the ability to turn it into a successful business. Our team is here to offer ideas on starting their own business.
Not only is entrepreneurship something we passionate about, but we believe in it with all my heart. we believe owning an ecommerce business is the freest form of entrepreneurship because of the freedom it allows you and the lifestyle it can offer.
Knowledge is power and that is why at Pure-Ecommerce we have a passion for being able to teach people how to become an entrepreneurs. Clients can take that knowledge and not only start their own ecommerce business, but who knows where that knowledge will take them in the future.

This is Why We do What I do…

To learn more about our mission and What We Do at Pure-Ecommerce visit us at Stop by to review our latest collection of internet businesses for sale and find out more about our 4o hours of step-by-step ecommerce consulting. Let the Pure-Ecommerce team help you become an ecommerce entrepreneur – we can show you the way!

Eight is Great! Pure-Ecommerce Celebrates Eight Years in Business

Eight is Great
Wow! Another year has flown by and here we are at eight years being in business! My name is Jennifer Varner and I am CEO of Pure-Ecommerce. I am feeling so blessed at this very moment. To think back on how I started the business at my kitchen table and what tremendous effort it has taken over the last eight years to now have 30 consultants, Project Managers and Administrators on our team (btw–located all over the continent), fills me with pride, gratitude, and humility.
Eight years ago I started on an endeavor that I dreamed would help others chart their own destinies and be successful. I had already started an online maternity ecommerce business that was very successful. Yet, I had made my fair share of mistakes in starting and running the business. Both my husband and I had been through a lot—serious health battles, as well as, other trials and tribulations. We had stared sickness in the face and both survived! We were committed to each other in not only growing our family, but also our dreams together. At this time I realized my true calling – to help others like myself become ecommerce entrepreneurs. It was full steam ahead with this new business venture—creating ready-to-go, “ready-made internet business” ecommerce businesses.
Jen and JeffPure-Ecommerce, the business we built from the bottom up eight years ago, was started at a kitchen table with just two people – my husband and myself. The concept was to do the upfront work of creating the websites based on smart retail knowledge of marketable industries, using a drop-ship method of inventory, and loaded with initial products. As a result of what we had learned from our prior hard knocks running our first Internet business, we wanted to make it a bit smoother for others by showing them the way to avoid those mistakes.

As a result, we developed a ten-step consulting and training process that leads our clients after they purchase one of our ecommerce businesses. This ten-step training starts at forming a business and goes through setting up the shopping cart, loading products—basically, everything you need to know to run an ecommerce business! Click over to to find out more about our process. There are steps that cover using Google Analytics, running ads, and even setting up Quickbooks for the accounting. We have employed a team of highly knowledgeable consultants who are excited about helping entrepreneurs learn to swim in the sometimes rough waters of owning and running an ecommerce business. Additionally, we provide an eLearning library filled instructional material that goes hand-in-hand with the training that is available 24/7!

I am thrilled that people see the value in what Pure-Ecommerce is offering! Our business continues to grow because of the product we provide and the team behind it. I share my story because I want people to know that it doesn’t matter what you are going through at this moment because anything is possible in the future. Through a vision, hard work, and the belief in your ability to overcome your present circumstances, you can accomplish your dreams – I am living proof of this statement!
I can not stress it enough, it is so important to never give up. It is so important to not listen to the negativity around you saying “you can’t run your own business”. The key is perseverance through the difficult times that we all encounter at some point.  You can do it!
I am excited about what we have accomplished, but even more excited about what the future holds. We will continue to work hard to offer the best products and services to assist our clients’ in the ability to build their own success as they own their own internet businesses. Remember it takes hard work and dedication, but when you work with the team at Pure-Ecommerce you have a group of people that will be here to support you. Thank you to all of our amazing clients who let me take part in one of the most exciting times in their lives!
Team Work Makes the Dream Work!
So, today, we are all taking just a moment (because we are very busy!) to celebrate this anniversary! I want to thank my super-hero co-workers who I am proud to call “friends!” Without my team, I would be nowhere. It takes team work to make the dream work! I am truly honored to come to work each day and share my life with them.

Here’s a toast to many more years to come…..
Let Pure-Ecommerce help you become an ecommerce entrepreneur in 2015! Find our more about the internet businesses for sale and our outstanding consulting services at Don’t forget to stop check out “Meet the Team” page to see our great team. Celebrate with us! Share your comments and thoughts below or on our Facebook [] or Twitter [] pages.
Let’s continue to grow together! 

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