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5 Tips to Share Your Products through Social Media

By: Catherine Perry

As we “march” into the spring shopping months, we wanted to give you some great tips to help you share the products from your online store through social media. You love the products you offer and you want everyone else to love them too!

When you have an ecommerce business, you think about social media a lot. It’s your primary way of marketing in this online world. You are constantly thinking about what, when, and how to post content. We all know that social media marketing is vitally important in getting your brand exposed and connecting to consumers. According to Emily Copp’s article titled “10 Benefits of Social Media for Businesses,” on HootSuite, out of the 3+ billion internet users, “over 2 billion have active social media accounts….Social media for businesses is no longer optional.”
Some of the best marketing ideas come from showcasing your products. Social media provides a great way to see what your products look like, how to use them, and when you are having sales. Here are five tips for ways you can on how you can share your products through social media.

Use Photos and Images

Consumers want to see photos of your products to get an idea of what they are and what your business offers. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are ideal for using photos and images of your products in posts. You can use the product page from your website, complete with the descriptions and prices, to educate the consumer. Another idea is to take photos of a product and illustrate how it is being used.
For instance, if you have a pet business that offers cute pet outfits, you might show a sweater on your own dog in a photo. This accomplishes two things: 1) you show how the item works and 2) you personalize the message. So think about the goals you have in using social media–to educate and to connect with your fans; a personalized photo of a product does both.

Use Videos

Videos can be very powerful in getting your message across to the consumer using social media. Video is now the TV commercial for the internet. So, if you can show how to use a product in a video, you have a great way to connect and educate your audience; additionally, if you can be entertaining with the video, you have really scored! People want to be entertained while learning, and social media is the perfect way to achieve this. Step outside the box and be creative with your storyboards to develop your brand in video.

Create Targeted Content 

Your content is all important when using social media. The social media audience has a very short attention span so you need to get a message across quickly. Your posts should be succinct and pointed toward your goal.
Are you branding in the post? Is your post educating your followers? do you have a clear call to action in your post? Think about what you want each post to achieve and develop your content accordingly. For instance, a call to action should be easily understood and easy for the consumer to act on. For help with your Facebook posts, take a look at the article “Six Tips to Improve Your Facebook Posts” in Social Media Examiner.

Ask for User-Generated Content

When your customer shows your product being used, people really pay attention. To continue our example of pet outfits, you could get fans to post photos of their pet dressed in outfits they purchased from you. The way to get User-Generated Content (UGC) is to ask for it. Make it fun by giving incentives for customers to post photos with your products. For example, have contests that require them to post photos with the products for entry. Or, offer discounts to customers who share their photos on Facebook using your campaign hashtag. In effect, you’re getting your fans to connect with each other, which grows an even stronger brand!

Make It Easy

People who are using social media want ease of use, so make it easy for them. If they want to buy, be sure you provide ways they can quickly and easily do so. Don’t require them to read through a bunch of text when getting to the main point. Be clear about what you want–whether it is to call your customer to act, to educate about a product, or to entertain—and get to it clearly and efficiently.
There are many resources you can use to get more detailed information about using social media to develop your brand and grow your business. We encourage you to do some research and use these five tips to show the love you have, and that you want others to have, for your products!
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