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Social Media Series—Part 3: 7 Pinterest Tips for Your Online Business

Seven simple tips to propel your Pinterest page as you promote your online business!

By: Catherine Perry

This is the third blog post in our series about ways to grow your online business through the use of social media. This post is going to help you get a boost for your business using Pinterest.
If you missed the first 2 posts, take a look at those for additional great tips!
We think Pinterest should definitely be one of the legs of your social media marketing stool. Why use Pinterest to grow your online business? Here are some facts about Pinterest:
Here are some additional “fun” facts about Pinterest and its users:

You can see from these lists there’s are a lot of purchasing power in the users of Pinterest. All of these facts add up to huge benefits like increased awareness, additional blog traffic, new leads, and increased sales.
Given that you will definitely want to participate in this strong marketing media, we wanted to give you a condensed list of 7 tips that can help you when using Pinterest in growing your online business.


Tip #1: Pin Original Information

Original pins help you stand out. These are examples of “original information”:
  • Pins from products on your website
  • Your website blog posts
  • Quotes
  • Infographics
  • Content you find online
Create boards and pin all the products from your website. Look for information on the web that enlightens and informs about your products. An example might be an infographic that sheds light on the use of one of your products. Pin your blogs with images and name the board with the category of the blog.  The fact that a pin stays on Pinterest and doesn’t go away after a period of time (like with Facebook) means that people can find that pin a long time in the future. That is huge!


Tip #2: Re-Pin Relevant Information

Re-pinned information is already on Pinterest. Any information that is relevant to your online business is something you should consider re-pinning onto your business boards. Look for interesting and relevant material that is already on Pinterest for re-pinning. This helps you gain followers who may be looking at those pins and it also helps you to have a wider variety of pins besides having only your products.
Think about topics that relate to your online business. For example, if you have a website that sells clean diet ingredients, you might have Pinterest boards with recipes using a lot of the products that you carry.


Tip #3: Pin Consistently

Set yourself a schedule for posting to your social media—this includes Pinterest. Be sure you pin on a consistent basis. It is recommended in this article, “How Often To Post on Social Media” by to pin at minimum 11 times per day, but you could go as high as pinning 30 times each day. Not sure when to pin – here are some recommended times to pin by Pin #1: 2 a.m., Pin #2: 3 a.m., Pin #3: 4 a.m., Pin #4: 1 p.m., Pin #5: 2 p.m., Pin #6: 3 p.m., Pin #7: 4 p.m., Pin #8: 8 p.m., Pin #9: 9 p.m., Pin #10: 10 p.m. and Pin #11: 11 p.m. They also recommend, “Sharing 80% of your Pins from other sources, which would be about nine Pins out of your 11”. This is how you will help people to find you.

Tip #4: Add “Pin It” Buttons

By adding “Pin It” buttons on the products on your website, you make it easier to attract people from Pinterest. The addition of “Pin It” buttons can drastically increase your shares and re-pins. The current websites at Pure-Ecommerce offer our clients this feature!




Tip #5: Optimize Your Boards & Pins 

Don’t forget to employ your knowledge of SEO keywords when creating boards and pins on Pinterest. Relate your keywords for product categories to your boards.
According to in the article “5 Ways to Get Your Pins Noticed on Pinterest,” Pinterest users can find your boards more easily when you put keywords close to the beginning of your title. And, “to increase the chances of coming up in Pins search results, include the keywords you want to be found for as early as possible in the description of your pin.”


Tip #6: Use Pinterest’s Rich Pins

With Rich Pins, you can get more detailed information to display on Pinterest for your products. Information like product availability and real-time pricing display, and pinners also get notifications when a product’s price changes. Click on this link to learn more about Pinterest’s Rich Pins (


Tip #7: Re-Pin Old Pins

Not every one of your followers is going to see all of your pins. This is important because there is so much traffic on Pinterest and you may get many new visitors every day. They may not see pins that are a month old. So, there is no danger in re-pinning to keep things looking fresh!
We hope these 7 tips have helped to propel your Pinterest ideas and activity into a higher gear. Because Pinterest is a visual-based medium, always be sure you have lots of images to pin! Have fun marketing through Pinterest!

Use Social Media to Boost Online Sales!


By: Catherine Perry

Connect and reach your customers through social media to help you boost the sales of your ecommerce business – here’s some helpful tips to get you started!

The area of marketing cannot be underestimated in developing and sustaining your business. It is the lifeblood of creating your brand and the achieving the visibility that is essential in building a successful business. Social media has become the channel to use in marketing your ecommerce business and boosting online sales. According to, “The power of social networking is such that, the number of worldwide users is expected to reach some 2.95 billion by 2020, around a third of Earth’s entire population….as of 2016, 78 percent of the United States population had a social networking profile.”


Quote From:, in their Small Business advisory area
We think you can see the importance of using social media to build a presence for your online business and boost sales because it is easy to use and so powerful when it comes to reaching your customers. But, how do you get started? Which social media platforms are the best in boosting sales? How do you tackle the enormity of social media to get your small business noticed? We think that the three social media platforms on which you should focus, especially in the beginning, are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you develop your marketing plans using these three channels, you will have a strong foundation on social media.
There are many different ways to employ social media and there are many resources available where you can find information about it. But, the last thing you want to do is become overwhelmed with too much information in the beginning stages of your business. So, we’re going to get you started with three basic ways you can use social media to boost your sales.

Building Your Brand

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business and you can build a brand on social media by being there on a regular basis. Your brand is the thing that sets you apart from your competition. Your brand is how you’re portrayed to the customer and is the message the customer remembers you by. For instance, think about Coke versus a generic soda.
So, exactly what do we mean by “build a brand?” The brand is made up of several things–your logo, tagline, and other facts about your business that you want people to remember. Your logo is the most important part of your brand and must be visible on all communication.
And, if you haven’t come up with a tagline, you may want to give it some thought. It can be something short and catchy that functions as a messaging tool. An example of a tagline for a pet clothing business might be “For the best dressed dog in the town.” Building a brand means that you consistently get the message out so that people begin to know what your business is. This happens over time with continuous and consistent exposure on social media.

Engaging With People

Social media has raised the bar for customer engagement. Customer engagement provides a way for you to stay in front of the target market and obtain valuable information about the market. A good way to engage is through communication that asks people to take action or respond. This can be in the form of soliciting responses to questions you ask that help you define what your customer wants. For example, you could take two products and ask which they like better or which they would buy. Another example of customer engagement is through creating quick surveys.


People have short attention spans and don’t like to read a lot on social media, so the key is keeping the communication short and visual. The bottom line is that you are continually keeping your brand in front of mind and getting noticed.

Driving Traffic

The end goal of marketing is to drive traffic to your online business. But, you don’t want just any and all traffic—you want targeted traffic, and social media can help you do this. Using social media you can reach your target market through ads and marketing communication. Here are a few ways to generate and drive traffic:
  • Create communication with incentives for your target market by using special offers such as coupons and time-limited sales.
  • Write guest blogs for sites that are in your niche market. Using Google you can locate these sites and see the kinds of blogs that are on them. It is important to see if it is a good fit with your market.
  • Comment on forums and blogs that are relevant to your site. You will become “known” in the community and readers will come to your website as a result.
  • Advertise on social media. In terms of ads on social media, start small so that you aren’t spending big bucks and yet are getting important information about what works with your market.
Here are some quick tips for using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as the platforms for marketing your online business and boosting sales.


Post on Facebook on a regular basis. You may choose to post three times a week or daily, just be consistent.
  • Use photos and/or videos in your posts for the biggest impact. You can use services such as Canva to create eye-catching images to draw your followers in to find out more about your post.
  • Be entertaining and interesting. No one wants to be bored. Don’t post anything that will offend though, this is a sure fire way to turn customers off!
  • Be sure to include your website logo or an image of the product, if relevant, to the post. It all goes back to branding – create that brand awareness when and where you can.
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Communicate on Twitter consistently just like you do with Facebook. Tweet information that relates to your ecommerce business.
  • Optimize your Twitter profile by using your logo as your profile picture and your brand name as your Twitter handle and username.
  • Use your brand name as your hashtag and include it in all your tweets.
  • Locate your competitors and follow them to gain an understanding of what they are doing.
  • Tweet and re-tweet information that is relevant to your products.
  • Even though you are limited to 144 characters, you can embed links to your website as well as other information (articles, blogs, product information) that help build the brand and authority of your site.
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You must have a presence on Pinterest. Ultimately, you should have at least 90% of your products pinned in order to have a strong impact.
  • Put keywords in the titles of your Pinterest boards so that people can find them easily, but be careful not to “over stuff” them.
  • Create boards that are relevant to your business. Keep them fun, interesting and insightful!
  • Pin on a regular basis. A good number is 20-25 pins a day. If you don’t have time, 10-15 pins should be your goal. The point is to pin, pin, pin!
  • Re-pin old pins because not everyone will see all of your pins, especially new users. So, re-pinning pins that are a month old or older can reap rewards.
  • Follow people. Use this feature to find users who might be interested in following you: Replace “YOUR DOMAIN” with your website URL or the domains of your competitors.
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We have hopefully given you some actionable items in marketing your business and boosting sales. We also hope we have inspired you to be creative and have fun with it! Just remember that it is a process that works over time. Be consistent and persistent and you will reap the rewards!
And ALWAYS remember this……


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