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March into Your Future

By: Catherine Perry

You can design the future you want with hard-work, dedication and passion – March into the future you love and start an ecommerce business!

It’s March Madness!! It’s time for all of the college basketball playoffs and championship games and tons of excitement! However, at Pure-Ecommerce we are thinking about March not only as the month of exciting final season games but also as the verb “to march,” as in “marching into your future.” Those who march, like members of a band or the military, do so with precision and commitment. As you embark on ecommerce business ownership, we suggest that you “march” into your future with commitment and purpose—like a precision band member does.
Do you love what you do? Are you passionate about your work? Are you building something for yourself and your family? If your answers are “no” to these questions, then you consider starting your own ecommerce business, which can give you the satisfaction of being in control of your future. Owning an ecommerce business provides a path on which you can march into a future you love!
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Here are some of the great aspects of owning an ecommerce business and why you should look at Pure-Ecommerce.

You Have Choices

Because there are so many industries that translate well online, you can choose one you love and are passionate about. Do you love pets? Home decorating? Camping? Children’s clothes? Yoga? There are SO many avenues for you. If you have an interest, there is more than likely a way to get that interest online in an ecommerce business. Just like with college basketball where everyone has their favored teams, everyone has different interests for certain ecommerce industries. That’s why we provide many ready-made internet business options from which you can select just the “right” industry for you—one that you are passionate about and can be committed to!

Be Your Own Boss

If you are tired of working for someone else and would like to own your business, you can do that! You can direct your course by making all the decisions–creating marketing campaigns that build the business, ensuring customer satisfaction, providing great service and products. The consumer is waiting for the kind of business you can provide. You are the boss. If that sounds exciting to you, march into your future with Pure-Ecommerce!
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Have a Flexible Schedule

Being an owner of an ecommerce business means work, but you can create a flexible schedule for when you get the work done. It doesn’t have to be a 9-to-5 workday. If you need to take care of children, run errands, or meet friends for coffee, you can do that! If you want to take a trip, take the work with you—all you need is your laptop and an internet connection! For more on what the “day in the life of an ecommerce business owner” looks like, check out another article we’ve written on this subject.

How Can Pure-Ecommerce Help?

For the past ten years we have guided hundreds of people searching for online business opportunities in opening the virtual doors of their online store.

1. A Team of Designers and Managers

Pure-Ecommerce offers highly professional website designs, not templates, in some of the most popular niche markets in the online marketplace. We don’t stop there. Our exceptional project managers do the research, make vendor contacts and set up the initial drop-ship vendor relationships for you. Our online businesses are loaded with a variety of products from vendors who will drop ship the products directly to your customers. This allows you the ability to run a business with very low overhead. You can Meet our team HERE!

2. Support

When you choose to work with Pure-Ecommerce you receive 40 hours of ecommerce consulting during the first year of business. Knowledge is power and having the support of consulting team is simply priceless. You can find out more about the Pure-Ecommerce Process by going to We are not a company that will leave you out there all alone in “cyber space,” you will have step-by-step training to better understand how to set up, run and market your new online business!
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3. Options

We also have a few different routes you can take to starting an online business. You can go with a ready-madeready-made internet business, select one of our choose your own products websites or you can #GoCustom to create your own online business with the concept, design, vendors and products you choose. It is our mission to offer anyone with the desire and drive the tools they need to start their own online business.

Hard Work & Dedication Leads to Success

A marching band spends hours of practice getting routines down pat. It takes dedication from each member. It’s the same with creating a successful business—dedication, commitment, and time are ALL required.
It is true the barrier of entry to get online is pretty simple, but just by being online does not give you the ability to create a successful business. It takes hard work and dedication to lead you down the path to success! Sure, it may be pretty simple for some to acquire their own vendors, have a site designed and put it online. However, the actual running, marketing and growning of the website business is the key piece to helping create a successful online store. If you don’t educate yourself as to what needs to be done, what goes into doing it you may fail, but the choice is up to you! You need to have the desire and drive to push yourself to achieve success!
It’s time for you to decide…..Do you love what you do? If not, march into your future with us—we will give you the tools to create an online business you love!

Pure-Ecommerce Named 20 Most Promising eCommerce Solutions for 2017 by CIOReview


CIOReview selected Pure-Ecommerce as one of the most promising ecommerce solution providers as its 10 step instructional process helps to simplify the set up process for budding ecommerce entrepreneurs.

By: Catherine Perry

Jeff Varner is experienced in helping budding ecommerce business entrepreneurs get started on the right foot. He understands the importance of an having both an impressive ecommerce site and a compelling marketing program in order to set an ecommerce business a part from the bigger players in the market. Recently, Jeff Varner, CEO, CFO, and Managing Partner, Pure-Ecommerce was interviewed by CIOReview as Pure-Ecommerce has been selected as one of their 20 Most Promising E-Commerce Solution Providers for 2017. Jeff explained in the interview, “Being a small online business owner, one can be wrought up about Amazon; but with a niche market for specific customers, an excellent customer experience and a professional web design, an online business can stay well ahead of the curve”.
Here are some bullet points of the interview, but to really get the “whole picture” you need to read the complete interview.
We build a high-quality internet business with professional web design that matches industry trends and customer requirements by:
  • Offering two options for clients: 1) Ready-to-go, “Business in a Box” boutique sites, 2) custom designed internet businesses.
  • Providing collaboration and assistance with a team to help clients choose and implement the best practices for success.
  • Conducting vendor research to find great products that are drop shipped in the U.S.
We set new owners up for success by:
  • Using a team of experts to consult and coach new ecommerce business owners through the different stages of running their site.
  • Providing a 10-step consulting and training process that assists their clients in creating, operating, and growing their businesses.
  • Allotting individual project managers who work with each client in setting up vendor relationships and product selection.
  • Giving clients 40 hours of ecommerce step-by-step consulting.
Jeff explained in the piece how the professional team at Pure-Ecommerce provides their clients with additional support services, such as, content writing, SEO and marketing services that can help clients pave their pathway to success. He continue, “We don’t forget the critical piece—consulting with clients so they learn the advertising, marketing, and building their brand.” These key points are why Pure-Ecommerce has been named as 2017 – 20 Most Promising E-Commerce Solution Providers by CIOReview for their exceptional services provided to budding entrepreneurs as they start their own ecommerce business.





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