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Online Business Ideas for Retirees

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Attention everyone who is reaching retirement age or who is already enjoying retirement. Take a moment to answer these few simple questions……
  1. Are you 50+ and thinking of retirement?
  2. Have you already reached retirement?
  3. Do you miss for the drive and purpose you had during your working years?
  4. Would you like to continue to build your “nest egg”?
  5. Are you ready to invest into a business that will give you the ability to continue enjoying retirement life?

If you answered “YES” to any or all of the above questions – keep reading! As a future retiree or active retiree you are probably thinking of not only maximizing your present lifestyle, but also looking to the future. You worked you whole career investing into your retirement, but now is the time to invest in you! It is the time to take hold of your active lifestyle, plus put your knowledge and experience to work for you. Pure-Ecommerce would like to help you brainstorm about the best online business ideas for retirees as we help you start down the path of becoming an entrepreneur. We want all retirees to know it is never to late to become your own boss and rule your life. Our belief is you never have to stop succeeding – you just need to start taking control of your destiny!

What type of business allows you to live an active retirement lifestyle?

The answer is an e-commerce business! When considering what type of business to start as a retiree you are probably thinking you want a business that allows you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy your active retirement lifestyle. Whether you enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and family or have a busy daily schedule even in retirement we know it is important to find a business that will work with your current lifestyle. A drop ship internet business allows the ability to work your business on your own schedule. How does this work? Let us explain……The drop ship vendors will ship the products ordered directly to your customers – all you need to do is contact the vendor to process the order. You will not need to hold any expensive or bulky inventory. This gives you the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection. It is the convenience and flexibility you are probably looking for in order to continue catering to your retirement lifestyle!

Are you looking for a business you can work from anywhere while having a flexible schedule?

That’s right – again the answer is an e-commerce business! Whether you are traveling the world or spending time with friends and family, all you need is your laptop, a phone and Internet connection in order to run your online store. Yes, it does take time, energy and an initial investment to get your website business off the ground, but that is why you should look to Pure-Ecommerce to help you get started. Our online business opportunities include a high quality web design in a popular niche market, all drop ship products, plus you will receive 40 hours of e-commerce consulting to help you learn to setup, run and market your new online business. At Pure-Ecommerce we believe in the entrepreneurial spirit no matter your background, experience or even your age.

Top Three Industries For Online Business Ideas For Retirees:

online-furniture-business-for-sale1. Benefits of Online Furniture Businesses

With the U.S online furniture sales by 2016 projected to reach $91.6 billion which is an increase of 20.1%, now is the time to consider starting an e-commerce business offering stylish furniture and home decor. This is an appealing niche market that has moderate barriers to entry. There is a large growth and expansion expected in this industry. The furniture industry also offers a multitude of products as it includes not only furniture for inside the home, but you can offer products for outdoor living, children’s rooms, kitchens, offices and the possibilities are endless. Large order sizes and great profit margins will make this a win-win for you!
Have a desire to run your own business and want to learn more about the exciting furniture industry, take a peak at our current online furniture businesses for sale.

wedding_online_business_for_sale2. Benefits of Online Wedding Businesses

The average wedding size is 200 or more people which equates to large order sizes for the wedding essentials the bride and groom will need to create that magical day. With the average cost of a wedding being $29,858 and one in eight couples will spend over $40,000 – this is your opportunity to flourish in your retirement by owning a wedding online boutique. The product collection on this type of store can be anything from invitations, wedding favors, ceremony essentials, reception decorations, as well as, gifts for the happy couple and their wedding party – an online wedding e-commerce business is the right fit for you. As there are low returns as the bride will be purchasing everything she needs to fulfill her wedding day. The shoppers to these stores are very targeted – they have done their research and now they are ready to purchase. This will lead to higher ticket orders as they need to purchase hundreds of products.
Want to become a part of the booming wedding industry, check out our collection of online wedding businesses for sale today!

monogram_internet_business_for_sale3. Benefits of Online Monogram Businesses

Monogram website businesses allow you the opportunity to offer a variety of top rated products in a specialty area of the gift industry. People love to not only give personalized and monogrammed products, but they love to receive them too! When an online shopper finds a product they love to give as a gift they will most likely purchase one for themselves too. This helps to increase the size of the order and there are no returns associated with this type of business. Plus you have the opportunity to offer your own creations of monogram products which can open the door to endless possibilities! The monogram industry is not a limited industry as it offers various types of niche products for women, men, children, babies, pets and the home too.
Excited to learn more about this industry see the collection of online monogram businesses for sale at Pure-Ecommerce now!

Online Business Ideas for Retirees

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