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Characteristics of the “Modern Day” Shopper

Shoppers are changing! They are evolving due to the advancement of technology so we wanted to share the characteristics of the modern day shopper with you.

By: Catherine Perry

If you’ve been in the retail business for any length of time—be it 2 years or 20 years—you have seen significant changes in consumer behavior. You can just think back on your own consumerism and see the changes as well! What does the modern day shopper look like? Let’s explore their characteristics and use them to your advantage when owning or starting your own business.
Gone are the days when people could only shop in a brick-and-mortar store or from a catalog. It’s a thing of the past to spend weekends at a mall as part of your entertainment and recreation. As we know, due to the internet providing constant availability of information and accessibility of purchasing, shopping can be done 24/7 from any location.  In today’s world, the consumer has a busy life and wants spare time off from work to be used for experiences with family and friends instead of shopping and making purchases, especially if it is for must-have items.
As we pondered the topic of the “modern-day” shopper, we began to ask questions like:
  • What does the shopper “look” like?
  • What do shoppers want?
  • How do they behave?
  • What is most important to them?
So, we began to do our own research on the characteristics of the modern day shopper. Let’s see what we found out.


The modern day shopper spans all age groups from teenagers to senior citizens. But, the largest segment of the population is now the Millennial generation; as such, this is becoming the age group that purchases the most and spends the most money.
If this is the case, then it makes sense to get a picture of the Millennial generation to capture some characteristics. According to information on Wikipedia and other sources, the specific defining years that begin and end the Millennial generation differ from source to source. Generally, however, you can think of the Millennials as being born from the late 1970’s/early 1980’s through to the late 1990’s/early 2000’s.
This generation knows technology, wants quick responsiveness and, above all, they want convenience with 24/7 accessibility and a smooth shopping experience. All of these characteristics add up to a generation that does a lot of research and shopping online.


We found that the modern day shopper is fairly evenly split in terms of gender.  We found some statistics regarding shoppers in terms of gender on in their publication “The study of characteristics of consumers in online shopping and related marketing strategies of merchants”:
  • 52% of men have shopped on marketplaces, 75% at large retailer sites, 39% on webstores or independent boutiques, and 31% at category-specific online stores.
  • 56% of women have shopped on marketplaces, 74% at large retailer sites, 48% on webstores or independent boutiques, and 40% at category-specific online stores.
  • Men and women both report spending 5 hours per week shopping online.
This article contained general statistics based on gender, even though it was written in 2010. But, if you look at on their “Infographic: An Analysis of Online Shopping Habits of Men & Women, you can find some enlightening information for gender-based online shopping:
  • Both women and men tend to do most of the shopping from their laptops
  • Men are more likely to use their smartphones for a purchase, (45% vs. 34%)
  • Women are much more likely to buy something if it is on sale. (74% vs. 54%
  • Male shoppers tend to stop shopping after they find the first workable product
  • Female shoppers are more likely to plan out their shopping strategies and make their purchases based on future needs
If we look at other, more specific characteristics for the modern day shopper, we can dissect the Millennials to see what this big demographic is looking for when they shop.

Tech Savvy

As an age group, Millennials are very tech savvy. They have no hesitation in using mobile apps for shopping, researching, and paying for purchases. But, the rest of the population is becoming more technology knowledgeable as well. Because the predominance of technology is driving the entire experience, all areas of shopping and purchasing are changing. Consumers need many channels through which to purchase what they want and mobile technology is a requirement where there are no concessions.


Technology provides the ability to shop anytime from any location, which is very important to the modern day shopper. In’s blog “Infographic on Modern Consumer Behavior,” you find this list of where and when shoppers make online purchases that paints a good picture of the convenience modern day shoppers need:
  • 43% shop in bed
  • 20% shop in the bathroom
  • 20% shop in the car
  • 23% shop at work
  • 10% shop under the influence

Excellent Customer Service

Today’s shopper requires top-notch customer service. Many times in today’s world, consumers are as knowledgeable as the sales staff because they have done their research online.  And, they realize that they may know more about a product so they may cut the sales person some slack in that area. But, what they demand with no leeway is great customer service.  Gayatri Patel, eBay’s Director of Global Data infrastructure is quoted in the article “The Modern Consumer” on that the modern consumer “has the means to explore, research and share every purchase decision…in a very quick way. A merchant must be responsive to “their needs immediately instead of trying to direct them.” So, whether this is online or in a store, the modern consumer is looking for customer service professionals who understand his/her preferences and can make recommendations tailored to specific needs.

Fast Delivery

One thing is certain regarding the online shopping arena, we now live in an Amazon Prime world. Amazon has stepped up the game with fast delivery response time. As a result, the modern day online shopper wants products fast, and we mean really fast! Like one- or two-day delivery fast! It doesn’t take long for something like this to influence the entire shopping experience.

Collaboration and Social Sharing

Again, according to Patel, in the online shopping experience there is “more collaboration and sharing of information that can influence consumer decisions compared to the offline experience.” And, the modern day shopper utilizes these practices. Today’s shopper participates in social media and other avenues for reviewing and providing feedback for products and services. Technology has enabled the collaboration and social aspect of shopping and people love it.

All in all, technology is defining the modern day shopper through accessibility, convenience and information. This shopper is informed and educated about what they want and when they want to buy. They may still go into a brick-and-mortar to store to touch, feel and try on a product. But, they will be using technology to make their final decision That’s why it is a great time to be a part of the growing ecommerce industry. As the evidence shows, consumers are turning to online stores to find the products that fit their needs and wants! If you are interested in learning more about the ecommerce industry and how you can start your own online business, visit us at to see our collection of ready-made internet business and custom internet business opportunities.

Be a Woman Entrepreneur – 6 Online Business Ideas For You!

By: Catherine Perry

Are you a women looking for a business that gives you freedom to make your own schedule and flexibility to work from home? Then you should consider starting your own online business. Here’s six online business ideas to get you started!

Life is full and very busy. Most of us are trying to balance work life, family life, and personal life. And…it’s not easy. At Pure-Ecommerce, we are sensitive to these issues. Our founder Jennifer Varner created Pure-Ecommerce as a work-at-home woman (WAHW) because she was looking for an opportunity to work from home and be there for her children. You can read more about her legacy and her husband, Jeff Varner’s, mission to keep it going for their children on our tribute page here. This is one of the reasons why we are dedicated to helping women become entrepreneurs while leading their busy lifestyles!
What if you could change part of the whole busy-life equation and alleviate some of the frenetic pace by changing your work life—how would that feel? An online ecommerce business offers great opportunities for creating income and having a flexible schedule by working from home! Opportunities that are extensions of your interests can add “icing on the cake” by providing creative outlets for these passions.
Whether you are a stay-at-home mom and are looking for a creative outlet with income potential. Or you might just want to replace your day job and be your own boss as a WAHW. Or maybe you are a women entering the next phase of her life in retirement and are in search of a business opportunity. Pure-Ecommerce has a variety of online businesses for you! We thought we would highlight 6 online businesses in this article that could peak your interest: baby, wedding, jewelry, spa & personal care, lingerie and spirituality.


Shopping for babies is big business! And, given the fact that a baby is born every 4 seconds, there are a lot of opportunities for this to be a booming industry! As we outline in a previous blog post, “Internet Baby Boutiques are Big Business”. Here’s some interesting statistics we wanted to share with you on the baby industry:

The experts cite many reasons for this growth, such, as many people are starting to have children at a later age and this typically means parents have more disposable income. Additionally, the convenience factor of shopping online is a major factor in the baby market.
With this convenience, the number of babies born and the product innovation in the industry, this niche market is proving to be a very lucrative business! If you are interested in exploring an online business in this area, you can see our collection of online baby boutiques HERE.


There has never been a better time to purchase an online wedding favor business. In a previous post, we share some of the main reasons starting an online wedding favor business is a top online business idea and you can review them by going HERE.
Couples are spending more on weddings than ever before! Favors, gifts, and personalized items comprise a large part of the online wedding business. The convenience of shopping online for busy brides and grooms cannot be overstated. The bride loves to shop online and have everything delivered to her door so she can focus on planning and creating the ultimate experience to remember. Here’s a few statistics about the wedding industry to consider…..

We think this is a great industry for women to own their own business as many women have planned or will be planning a wedding in the future. They remember the “feeling” they felt during that time and now they want to help happy couples prepare for their special day. To find out more about owning a wedding favor boutique website and see our current collection go HERE.


If you love jewelry and bling, an online jewelry website may be in your wheelhouse. The consumer appetite for affordable trendy costume jewelry is growing by leaps and bounds. Why not indulge? It’s easy and doesn’t cost much! Such items as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and cuffs are purchase like hot cakes. It’s fun to shop online for these types of items. Consumers love the convenience of 24/7 online shopping and it shows – Many of the big box stores are seeing declines in their in-store costume jewelry sales and, as a result, are decreasing the footprints in their costume jewelry departments. Take a look at these stats about the jewelry industry to help you decide if this is the right industry for you!

These are strong reasons why you might want to look at a jewelry online business. Check out the ready-made online jewelry websites for sale at Pure-Ecommerce HERE.

Spa & Personal Care

Women love to be pampered! Whether it’s a special day spent at the spa or taking the time to pamper themselves at home, the spa and personal care industry is one women want to spend their money. Factors fueling the personal care products market include higher consumer spending power, new products, better consumer awareness, advertising and lifestyle changes.
This type of online business gives you the option of offering shoppers many different product categories to pamper the body from top to bottom! Another great factor is with personal care products consumers are consistently purchasing these types of products. They are also more prone to try new products and will continuously purchase the products they know work best for them. Here’s some interesting stats to take into consideration when exploring this industry:


Are you interesting in starting a niche market online business? Then you should consider owning an ecommerce business that offers beautiful and elegant lingerie to help women show their softer, sensual side! Both women and men shop online for lingerie. whether they are looking to update their intimates, need something special to celebrate a wedding, anniversary or birthday, or maybe simply want something new to make them feel special.
Many women are more comfortable shopping online and the comfort of their home to find bras, panties, pajamas or sexy lingerie. That’s why we think you should consider starting an online business specializing in lingerie and here’s some statistics to back-up the power of this industry:

Do either of these last two industries peak your interest? Then check our Specialty Online Boutiques For Sale to see our collection of spa,  personal care and lingerie websites. You also have the option of creating your own custom design website in these industries to offer the types of products you desire to help women pamper themselves!


As we all know women love to take care of others and to “feed” their souls! Spirituality is an industry that can help you reach the masses. People are shopping online to find a variety of products from inspirational books, music, home decor, jewelry, gifts and much more! so We wanted to share these stats with you……

Want to help others feed their spirit? Then take a look at the Spirituality Ecommerce Businesses we have to offer at Pure-Ecommerce. We like to build a variety of online businesses to help our clients reach some of the most popular niche markets in the online marketplace. Let us help you too!
These are just 6 business ideas that you may find interesting. Take a look at our website ideas as you consider your opportunities for a situation where you work from home. Go ahead and take a step in creating less stress and more flexibility in your family life by owning your own internet business!

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