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Summer Sales: How They Can Work for Your Internet Business

By: Bailey Holtz

Benefits of Summer Sales & How They Can Help Boost Your Internet Business

Summer is the season of fun—and not just for kids and their families. Businesses, too, can have a blast bringing in additional revenue this season. During the summer consumers have more time on their hands. They are out doing more activities and taking more trips. This means they have loads of time to spend shopping online during the summer! That’s why this is the perfect time to run a sale or promotion. At Pure-Ecommerce we want to introduce you to some amazing tools not only to help you bring in more sales. We also want to raise awareness about your business through promotional content and additional messaging. Let us walk you through the benefits of summer sales. Plus, how to get your very own successful summer sale up and running. 

Consumers love the convenience of shopping online to find all their summer essentials!

Summer Spending 

It may surprise you but the summer season when consumers are spending, spending, spending! According to Ezonomics, respondents to an online poll overwhelmingly stated that they spent the most money during the summer time. A whopping 55.2% of respondents declared summer was their big spending season. While others only voted a mere 3.5% for spring.

It’s easy to understand why consumers are spending more money during the summer. People are paying for vacations, beach gear, outdoor activities, new clothes, outdoor living essentials, and the list goes on. According to The Ladders, Americans spend $305 more on socializing during the summer than during any other season. With people spending more money, summer is a great time to make your internet business more visible. You can offer up your own reasons for them to spend their money at your internet business! 

Entice online shoppers to shop your online store with a Summer Sale!

The Ever-Popular Sale

In today’s massive and varied buying landscape, promotions, sales, and discounts are more important than ever! They are important to an internet business owner in gaining and retaining customers. We’ve seen many versions of sales and promotions over the years. Whether it’s a humble hand-painted sign, in-home mailer or individual coupons to customized deals that land right in one’s inbox. Of course, the practice of offering sales is not new. However, it still totally works because face it everyone loves to get something on sale!

According to Hub at Johns Hopkins University, consumers are just as motivated by sales and promotions as ever! As part of a Johns Hopkins study, researchers defined two separate sets of consumer behaviors. They are based on the consumers’ differing affinities for sales. They are as follows:

  • “Value-conscious”: Consumers who take advantage of sales merely for the benefit of saving money. 
  • “Deal-prone”: Consumers who make purchases because they derive a psychological benefit from feeling like they got a deal. 

It helps to understand this distinction when crafting your promotion. Deal-prone shoppers, for instance, may be more willing to take advantage of a 2 for 1 deal. While the value-conscious shoppers may balk at the idea of paying more. But then they’ll make a purchase when they receive a percentage off the full price. Either way, the conclusion is clear: no matter what, offering discounts and special prices will get the attention of consumers. 

Your sale should have a seasonal theme, a clear-cut special offer and timeline to ensure shoppers are clear on what you have to offer!

Theme, Sale, and Length 

Now that we’ve crunched the numbers and shown that summer sales are a worthy investment of your time and energy. Now is the time when you get to put your “business-owner hat” on. You can decide what type of sale will be best for your particular internet business and the goods you offer. 

There are many different variables you can tinker with including…

  • Product on sale
  • Time span of the sale, and
  • Discount offered during your sale

The possibilities can seem overwhelming at first. That’s why according to VendHQ, the first step must be to come up with an objective for your sale. Without a defined objective you won’t have enough parameters to run it successfully. You may end up offering all your merchandise at a discounted rate…forever!

For example, maybe you would like to use a sale to drive new customers to your homepage. In that case, a relatively broad sale will fare better. Or if you’re trying to promote an under-selling item, then keep the sale limited to that item. In this case, you will want to entice customers with a steeper discount on the item. And if you’re trying to build excitement about a new product or line you’ve just introduced on your website. Then you’ll want to devise a sweepstakes, promo code, or contest to get your consumer base engaged and interested. 

Determining the scope of your sale is a delicate process that will require fine-tuning before you’re ready to launch. You know your site and your merchandise better than anyone. What sort of sale will get people interested? How much can you afford to reduce your prices? Take some time to make calculations, and if this is your first one, don’t be afraid to keep it small. You’ll always have time to build up to bigger, more involved sales.

Keep in mind, consumers, LOVE a sale, they want to feel they are receiving a good deal! It is important to keep your sale clear cut. Here are some helpful guidelines to follow:

  • What’s on sale: All products, a specific category of products or one particular product.
  • What discount you’re offering: $ dollar off, % percentage off, free shipping on a certain amount purchased, etc.
  • When to purchase by: Have a countdown clock on your website or advertise a specific end date to the sale.
  • How they receive the discount: Either offer a specific coupon code or mark select products at a discounted price.

Capture the attention of online shoppers with a seasonal theme!


Once you’ve figured out the specific parameters of your sale, it’s time to assume your responsibilities as “artistic director” of your internet business. Now is the time to decide what theme your sale should have! Developing a theme may seem superfluous, but it’s not. Consistent branding helps consumers better remember your sale. If they’ve seen imagery or branded messaging they’ll be more likely to revisit your website and check out your sale. For more information on branding, check out this article in Brandingmag. It’s about branding more broadly, but the principles apply to branding of sales, too! 

For your fabulous summer sale, try to incorporate summer imagery and ideas. For example, beaches, backyards, cookouts, ice cream—any pleasant image of summer can be the setting and theme for your sale! Then, build your specific merchandise into the theme, if possible.

For instance, if you own an online furniture business (and if you don’t, you should definitely consider it!), you could come up with a “Summer of Home” theme. The sale can be built around the idea that the right furniture can help you relax at home. Paint the picture it is better to have a “stay-cation”! Do some brainstorming and come up with some fun summer+merchandise pairings. This may be the most fun part of owning your own internet business! 

It is important to use seasonal theme imagery along with catchy buzz words that relate to the season. Try these – Sizzling Summer Savings, Beat the Heat with Hot Savings – Enjoy ____% Off! or Sweltering Heat = Flash Sale! You get the idea, right? Once you have your seasonal theme and buzz words you can then top it off with a tempting discount. All elements you need to draw summer shoppers into your online store! 

Engage your followers and promote your sale on social media!

Mobilize your Social Media Following

Social media is GREAT for sales. There are few better methods of communicating quickly and interactively with consumers who have expressed an interest in your business. Social media can be used during a sale to help gather quick responses and engagements from your followers. 

Wishpond has a comprehensive list of types of promotions you can run on social media. They include sweepstakes, photo contests, referral promotions, and hashtag contests.

A great way to solicit responses from followers is to ask a question about their personal experience that goes along with your promotion. For instance, if you own an online furniture business you can ask followers what their first big furniture purchase was. You can let followers know when they respond they are entered to win a product from your website. You can select one winner on a designated date. Then you can simultaneously announce a sale happening for all those who didn’t win the contest. This is a great way to not only interact with your followers but also great for promoting your current sale.

Photoslurp offers up some examples of excellent social media promotions for you to browse. Your followers’ responses will also help you understand who your customers are, and what they want to see from you. It’s an excellent data-gathering tool. Plus, a way to broadcast promotions, and the possibilities for fun and creativity are endless! 

No matter what your business, you can reap the benefits of the summer spending mood! Take stock of your online store and what you hope to accomplish this season. Then start building your amazing summer sale! 

Why You Should Consider Starting an Online Ecommerce Furniture Business

Reasons To Start Your Own Online Ecommerce Furniture Business

By: Bailey Holtz

You love furniture, but you find yourself quaking in your boots at the idea of selling it yourself. Furniture is…big! Bulky! Hard to move! Surely starting an online furniture business would be difficult in proportion with the size of the items you are selling? We’re pleased to tell you that this is absolutely not the case. In fact, at Pure-Ecommerce we think an online ecommerce furniture business is one of the very best online businesses to start! Financially, it can be very beneficial as price points are much higher than with other types of ecommerce. Plus, creatively a website selling furniture allows you to put your passion to work for you. You can bring your own style into the furniture and home decor you offer!

If you need convincing, take a few moments to read our reasons for starting an online furniture store below…

Furniture Industry Statistics

Do you remember the days when you take you to the local furniture store? Where you were forced to wait around for hours while your parents sat on couch after boring couch. Then went through another hour of bargaining, paying, signing, and discussing delivery options with the salesperson? You probably wanted to bury your head between two couch cushions until it was finally time to go.

What’s Happening Currently

Those days are long gone, and, in this digital age, happily will never come to pass again! Thanks to the internet, shopping for furniture is not only painless but can actually be immensely enjoyable. And consumers are responding enthusiastically to the ease of online furniture shopping; according to Statistica, the U.S. furniture market generated about $65.1 billion in revenue in 2018. Worldwide, furniture and houseware sales generated around $190 billion.

The Future Is Bright For The Furniture Industry

Not only this, but sales are expected to grow at a very healthy rate over the next few years. According to the same source, there is expected to be an annual growth rate of 11.9% until 2022, at which point market volume will reach $294 billion in revenue.

If this still hasn’t convinced you that furniture is a very viable online business to start, Statistica also says that furniture and home furnishing sales are accounting for 13.4% of total retail e-commerce sales in the United States in 2019. Those are impressive numbers—remember, that’s 13.4% of all retail sales.

What accounts for this incredible growth in online furniture sales? Statistica tells us that companies have been working hard to effectively market online-bought furniture. Online ecommerce furniture businesses are using flash sales, special offers, home delivery, and extensive product selections to market products effectively. The easier it becomes to buy online, the more people will turn to the web when in search of a new piece.

What’s more, social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram help sales tremendously. These platforms make it easier to access lifestyle content about home décor and trends. The desire to redecorate is at all all-time high—great news for purveyors of furniture! If you are looking to start an online business, furniture should be sounding very appealing right now, right?

Dropshipping + Good Margins = Win-Win Business

If the above data wasn’t convincing enough! You should find plenty of conviction in this: furniture sales, even prior to the advent of the internet, have always enjoyed excellent margins, according to Ecommerce-platforms. That’s because there have historically been relatively low overhead costs and high markups.

For potential online retailers, there is an added bonus of having almost no overhead costs. You don’t need to lease a large space, as traditional brick-and-mortar businesses do. Pure-ecommerce makes it possible to work with vendors who offer drop-shipments. The dropship vendor will ship the item directly to the customer on your behalf. So you, as the retailer, never have to handle bulky couches and heavy bed frames. Plus, you certainly don’t have to store armoires and settees. Your business will just be you, your computer, and a nice cup of coffee. Now, isn’t that the very best way to run a work from home business?

Our team can make your life even easier, by offering you a businesses-in-a-box solution to help you get started. This will allow you to hit the ground running as a business owner. You’ll be provided with the essentials you need to get started in the online marketplace. When you choose to work with us you will receive 40 hours of consultation and access to our Elearning library. The internet businesses for sale we offer will help make your life and your journey into business ownership much easier!

Demand Is Always There For Furniture

The wonderful thing about furniture is that people always need it! All our basic needs can be taken care of—shelter, nourishment, and personal safety. However, if we don’t have a place to lie our heads down at night, or a spot to store our belongings, then our quality of life probably still won’t be exactly where we’d like it to be.

Years ago furniture was seen as a necessity that you only changed out every couple of decades or so. In modern day, furniture is seen as more of an extension of our personality. Now we find ourselves buying furniture over and over again, rather than just a few times in a lifetime. Especially for millennials, who move more frequently than other generations, furniture purchases happen far more frequently. According to Forbes, between 2007 and 2012, millennials made up over 43% of all movers. This was while making up only 24% of the actual population.

As people’s lives change and they start settling down, raising a family, sending their kids to college, and moving to a warmer place for retirement, then more furniture purchases will need to be made. Furniture will never cease to be a necessity. There will be an ever-present customer base for it—that’s why Pure-Ecommerce has a designated furniture business page. We know online business, and we know how to make it the simplest it can be for new entrepreneurs.

Find a Niche and Let Your Creativity Flow!

We’ve established that an online furniture business is a good idea financially, with high markups and a constant consumer need among its many benefits. But a furniture business has an added benefit for you. As the owner: you will get to be incredibly creative!

Furniture is not merely utilitarian; it serves as an artistic statement for a household. As an online ecommerce furniture business owner, you can help your customers to curate their home furniture by bringing your unique style and sensibility to your goods.

In furniture, there are a tremendous variety of styles and genres: modern, vintage, beach, country, organic, industrial…the list goes on! There are many different niches in which you can embark. So for a moment think about…

  • Do you love the serenity and tradition of the countryside?
  • Or do you love a sleek, minimalist living room?
  • Do you spend your winter craving the sunshine and lively sounds of the beach?
  • Or do you enjoy spending vacations in a mountain resort, complete with massive stone fireplace and wood furnishings?

First, pick the style that you love best. Then bring your expert eye and sense of color, pattern, and texture to your online store. Pure-Ecommerce offers a vast selection of website designs to choose from. Your platform will reflect your sensibility and the style of your furniture. If you have your own vision in mind then we encourage you to “go custom”. We offer four different options and you can browse our packages now.

Put Your Passion to Work For you!

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you love of furniture and home decor?
  • Are you ready to launch an online business?
  • Do you have the desire to be your own boss?
  • Are you ready to work hard to put your passion to work for you?

Then selling furniture is probably a no-brainer! The biggest bonus of embarking on your online ecommerce furniture business journey is you can run your business from home while sitting on your favorite piece of furniture! If that doesn’t sound appealing, then we don’t know what will. Let Pure-Ecommerce help you start your online furniture business!

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