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10-Step Training to Help New Ecommerce Business Owners

Pure-Ecommerce Offers Clients Step-By-Step Training As They Learn to Set Up, Run and Market Their New Ecommerce Business

By: Bailey Holtz

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” At Pure-Ecommerce, we feel this proverb to be one of the most underrated in our language, especially in today’s world. We believe in teaching the man to “fish” when starting their own ecommerce business. Not only that, but we also believe in showing someone how to “whittle a tree branch into a fishing rod”. Plus, “how to locate the freshest bait”, as well as, “what to do when your hook keeps coming back empty”.

That’s why we offer numerous resources to help you as you start your own ecommerce business. When you purchase an internet business we include 40 hours of consulting, access to our E-Learning Library, plus much more. Our team is here to help you start your dream internet business and help you make it great.

We’ve broken down our teaching process into a ten step process. We’ve done this based on our experience accrued over years of working in e-commerce. We have developed this process with the many personal successes, failures, and challenges we’ve encountered. We’re pleased to be able to share these ten steps with you. We also are excited to use our knowledge to help you start and grow your own business. All you need is the desire to get started, the passion to work hard and dedication to learn how to run your own ecommerce business! Here’s an overview of the 10-step process to give you an idea of everything covered to help you get started…

Step 1: Basic Business Practices

This is a critical step and you’ll get your first euphoric taste of new-business-owner pride and ownership. This is an important step and it can seem overwhelming to a novice business owner. However, our consultants will provide guidance as you do the initial business establishment. Once you’ve completed the initial business set up we’re pretty sure you will be in the mood to celebrate!

Step 2: Vendors

We understand the importance of establishing a good relationship with product vendors. However, some new business owners overlook the importance of these relationships. Some new business owners spend so much time thinking about customers and what they want. That they tend to overlook their vendors as an equally important part of their business success. That’s why during our process we will assign you with a designated Project Manager to assist you. Your project manager will assist you in setting up the initial drop ship vendor relationships. Plus, oversee the loading of the designated number of products to help you get started.

You’ll need a variety of products to offer your customers, as well as, vendors to supply those products for you. That’s why maintaining positive relationships with vendors is critical, and we can help you do it well.

Step 3: Store Administration

Dumbfounded by web design? Not really sure how browsers work? It’s okay — lots of people are, and it hasn’t stopped them from starting their own online business! This is the step in which your website begins to take shape. More importantly, you will learn how to operate it from the backend.

We take the time to walk you through adding new categories. You will also learn how to add new content. Plus of course, loading new products. By learning how the backend works you are able to gain control over your store administration. It will take some time but with hard work, you’ll be able to work your online business with ease and confidence.

Step 4: Merchant Account & Shipping

During this step, you’ll have a better understanding of how shipping, taxes and returns work. We help you set up your shipping methods, coupons, and gift vouchers. Plus, show you how your merchant account works in compliance with your website. All exciting areas of your website required to process and ship orders to your customers. That’s why once you’ve completed this step you can process any orders that come your way – how exciting!

Step 5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Perhaps you’ve come across the acronym “SEO” at some point in your internet browsing or research. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is of huge importance for anyone with an online presence hoping to attract visitors to their site.

SEO helps to improve the chances your website will be listed near the top of any search engine’s results page. Pretty important, right? For instance, if you sell riding gear, you can use SEO to place higher on Google’s search results page. The closer you can be to the top of the first page. The higher your chances are of getting clicked on.

Our well-versed consultants can help you understand exactly how search engines rank. Plus, help you build best practices for consistently making improvements to your website’s SEO. In fact, there is so much to cover in this step, that we’ve broken it down into four parts.

  • Part One: Covers the basics. Including understanding keywords and ranking.
  • Part Two: Covers meta tags and content. Plus, you’ll learn how to optimize images and build links.
  • Part Three: Shows you how to submit your sitemap to Google and Bing.
  • Part Four: Explores the Journal framework.

It will take some time to understand SEO. That’s why at Pure-Ecommerce we encourage our clients to take their time. It is important to go at your own pace. Plus, review the steps and content as much as possible. It is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and we want you to be the winner!

Step 6: Social Media Marketing

Love it or hate it, the truth still stands: social media is the gateway to your potential new customers. Because of this, social media has evolved into a serious marketing branch. We are here to help you create a presence on all the big social platforms.

During this step, we show you how to flourish by utilizing the current marketing tools offered by each platform. You’ll learn the importance of gaining clicks, having engagements and interactions with your followers. All this will become a familiar and fun aspect of your marketing efforts. It will help you be more motivated to strive for more followers and turning them into valued customers. Sounds fun, right?!?!

Step 7: Email Marketing & Lead Generation

Email marketing remains a mainstay marketing strategy for small and large businesses alike. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to land right in the inboxes of interested and engaged customers, the so-called “leads.”

Leads are prospects for businesses. When your website piques the interest of a customer it is important to further engage and entice them. This will help to potentially generate a sale. Lead generation is incredibly important, especially for a new business, and should not be forgotten. Enticing an engaged customer is often more effective than simply hoping a random person will purchase from you.

Step 8: Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click is an incredible advantage the internet provides business owners. It allows them to only pay for advertising when someone clicks on their ad. Genius, no? Yes, but it still takes some skill and know-how to create an ad someone will actually want to click on. Make the most of your advertising dollar by crafting compelling, attention-grabbing, brilliant ads to promote your website and products. Not sure how? No problem—we will show you how.

Step 9: Analytics

In e-commerce, continued success is all about reviewing metrics. In fact, “metrics” has become something of a buzzword of late, and has perhaps lost some of its original meaning and significance.

Metrics are data gathered from marketing efforts, which are used to help gauge the success of a marketing campaign. Operating in a digital landscape allows a business to capture and analyze massive amounts of information. The information you need to grow your business is right at your fingertips.

However, sometimes it may feel as if there is too much information. It can be difficult to assess what is useful and what is not. The consultants at Pure-Ecommerce can help you sift through the data, and understand which metrics are helpful to your business.

Step 10: Website Review

Your website is up! You’ve worked extremely hard, you’ve poured your heart and soul into your website. Plus, gone through the metrics with a fine-toothed comb. Since purchasing your website you have also kept all your products up to date according to your vendors’ list. You’ve set up all your social media channels and have been posting diligently. You’ve sweat, labored and then rewarded yourself with a few bottles of champagne along the way.

But is it really all working? Are you paving the way for future success? It’s hard to gauge your success in the early months of your business. That’s why it is helpful to have trained eyes go over your efforts to ensure you’re on the right track. Pure-Ecommerce gives you an expert opinion and frank suggestions for improvement.

Pure-Ecommerce may not have coined the phrase “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” We feel that we embody the philosophy every day. We are proud to not only bring your dreams to life but to also make those dreams long-lived and sustainable. Find more information about our mission, our 40 hours of consulting, and eLearning Library by visiting us at Let our team at Pure-Ecommerce help you become an ecommerce entrepreneur. Register now for pricing and to learn how we can work together as you get started in the online marketplace!

Make the Most of Social Media Trends in 2019 to Market Your Internet Business


Boost Your Social Media Marketing with These Trends for 2019

By: Bailey Holtz

No digital platforms evolve more quickly than social media platforms. Facebook, for instance, now has more than 2 billion active users each month. While Pinterest boasts 250 million, and Twitter 321 million. That’s a lot of potential eyes on your content! Plus, it’s why social media marketing is so important to an internet business owner!

At Pure-Ecommerce, we believe any business would benefit from putting concerted efforts toward building their social media presence. The catch is, however, that users now demand increasingly authentic, increasingly tailored, increasingly relevant content. It’s not enough to reuse the same old copy and images in your posts and videos; you need to be creative, innovative and weave a compelling narrative that cuts through the digital din.

The team at Pure-Ecommerce is here to help our clients build their presence on social platforms. We give our clients tips on social media marketing habits that are prevalent on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of 2019’s most important social media marketing trends.

Storytelling is Everything


We can’t stress this enough: successful marketing efforts focus on storytelling.

After all, if businesses want to advertise on sites that are specifically designed to share people’s life stories. Then doesn’t it make sense that businesses should share their own stories, too?

It’s also about generating entertainment value for your brand. Plain advertising just can’t compete with compelling, narrative-driven posts; the human brain loves stories and can cling to them far better than to one-off, story-less social media posts.

Additionally, according to Forbes, stories help audiences connect on a deeper level with the brand. We see ourselves in stories, and stories elicit emotional responses, which is what far more often drives purchases. Crafting a compelling business narrative isn’t always easy. It often pays to get professional help to suss out what your company’s story is. Plus, help you effectively communicate that to audiences. Pure-Ecommerce offers Facebook marketing, including comment management, to ensure you are developing a consistent, cohesive brand narrative.

It is important to influence followers and potential customers with posts that tell a story about your brand. You also want to share what you have to offer them. However, your posts should not “oversell” a product as that can turn customers off to the post. You can post a picture with a review of a specific product. Another great idea is to have a video of you using the product. You can also post tips on how to use a product. This is a great way to capture their attention while giving them valuable information about the product too!

Create Posts That Are Authentic over Superficial

To get shares, likes, retweets and follows it is best to create posts that are authentic and not superficial! Over-produced, stylized messaging is being jettisoned in favor of in-the-moment authentic messaging and content. According to Buffer, it is Millennials and Gen Z’ers who highly value the authenticity and meaningfulness of a brand. Consumers don’t want to see a shiny, polished exterior. Instead, they want to see what goes on behind the scenes; what happens when the curtain is drawn back. And they want to get to know you. SocialMediaToday suggests putting a human face on your brand is critical to establishing trust between your company and your consumers. They want to feel that they know and understand you and what you’re all about. So feel free to make yourself a part of your marketing campaign! After all, you are the face of your internet business!


If you own an online pet business, introduce your followers to your own pet! This not only introduces you to your audience. It also shows you are truly passionate about your business, as well as, a pet owner too. There are various ways to “show off” your personal side. For instance, play with your pet with a toy from your website. Another idea is to dress your pet up in an adorable outfit from your website. But also mix in informational pictures or videos with your best subject, your pet. You can provide tips on training your pet. Or you can show your favorite place to walk your pet. Another option is to share tips on grooming your pet. The possibilities are virtually endless – just use your imagination and remember to have fun!

Remember, you don’t have to present a perfect, idealized image of your business. Consumers are over that. Nowadays, they want to know what you really do. If you already use social media personally, then you can just roll those habits over to your company’s platform. If you don’t, then Pure-Ecommerce can give you some tips to put these habits in place.

Harness the Power of the Micro-Influencer


By now, we’ve all heard of social media influencers, the—often Millennial- or Gen Z-identifying—individuals with huge, loyal social media followings. But what is a micro-influencer?

According to Quicksprout, they are social media users who have considerable followings but do not have celebrity status. They typically claim about 1,000 to 90,000 followers to their name. While they don’t have the reach or the name recognition of the best-known influencers. However, they are nonetheless incredibly powerful actors on the social media scene. These influencers have about 60% higher engagement rates than traditional celebrity influencers. That’s why their followers typically interact more with their posts. This is an incredibly powerful insight for brands looking for increased visibility. They also have a greater vested interest in building good relationships with brands. While promoting those brands to their following: more good news for small businesses.

Locating an influencer who specializes in your product industry is the key. If you own an organic online boutique you might reach out to an influencer who posts about eco-friendly clothing. For example, if you have an environmentally-conscious clothing line. Then striking up a deal with that influencer to promote your product, could be a game-changing move! Again, it’s all about targeting, and ensuring your message falls upon the ears most eager to hear it.

Targeting Your Audience Through the Right Platform


Different platforms attract different audiences. Therefore, obtaining some background information on each one will greatly boost your ability to develop targeted messaging. A huge part of successful personalization is developing a firm understanding of your platforms, according to Entrepreneur. For instance, over 80% of Pinterest users are female. And Snapchat attracts younger users than, say, Facebook or LinkedIn. What is your brand selling? Who is your target audience? Where does that audience spend its digital time? All these questions bear consideration. Understanding the social landscape can be challenging and time-consuming, often work best left to professionals.

Be Flexible – Trends Change!


Remember, a trend is called a trend for a reason. It is not a permanent fixture in the social media world. This landscape can and will change rapidly. Therefore, it’s important not to invest all your resources in any one trend. It is important to seriously evaluate if it is the right move for your particular internet business. In a moment, a trend can lose its appeal. In that case, you may not have made the gains you were expecting from riding that wave. It pays to think carefully and to be flexible when any given trend peters out.

Enhance Your Internet Business Through Social Media Marketing

Pure-Ecommerce is here to help you with your social media marketing efforts. That way you can focus on the things that really matter to your internet business.  For more information about the social media marketing packages we offer, click here. We offer a variety of packages for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Start mobilizing your social media following today!  


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