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Pure-Ecommerce created business in a box solutions – that’s what we call our internet businesses for sale.  We created our system for people who have no ecommerce experience but want to own their own business.  Our business in a box includes the website, vendor relationships established and drop ship products loaded.  We offer 40 hours of ecommerce training with the package.  Our consultants will walk you through each step of setting up and running an ecommerce business.

We’re often asked if the ecommerce market place is now flooded with too many sites.  Our answer is NO.  Ecommerce is growing at a rate of 10% per year in the US alone.  In fact the US Census Bureau News just released in May it’s latest report stating that retail ecommerce sales accounted for $71.2 billion which is up 2.8% from the fourth quarter of 2013.  While these numbers are impressive, it is important to note that ecommerce sales only account for 6.2% of total retail sales.  While we don’t believe ecommerce will totally replace brick and mortar stores, we’re not alone in believing that ecommerce will continue to grow.  According to a recent report by eMarketer, total retail sales are leading economic growth and they expect those sales to top $4.732 trillion in 2014 with ecommerce sales reflecting $304.1 billion – an increase of 15.5%.  For the answer as to why the increase – why the continued growth, one only has to look atEcommerce Sales Continue to Grow human behavior.  Most people might expect that people shop online at an increasing rate because they’re hunting for the lowest price.  Those people would be wrong as reported by Barbara Thau in a recent Forbes article.  Thau reported on a recent survey conducted by Simon-Kucher & Partners of over 1000 consumers which found lower prices were not the main concern of these shoppers.  Service and quality are what motivates shoppers.  Not to mention the ease of use.  Consumers can shop from home, on their phones or tablets, at work – all without ever leaving where they are.  No crowds, no running all over town, no hassle – and the products are delivered directly to their front door.

The consumer survey brings up another point we like to make with our clients.  We’re often asked how they can compete with the big box stores.  Our answer is simple – you don’t.  That may sound flip and we don’t mean it to be.  You can’t compete with the lowest price – the big guys can beat you every time but as you see in the survey –  that isn’t what people are looking for.  What you can compete with that big box stores can’t is your customer service.  The quality and uniqueness of your product offering and the personalized service that you offer your customers can’t be found at a giant retail store.  You have the opportunity to create a unique store that caters to the interests of your customers.  Offer them what they want and give them great service and they will be loyal customers.  That is all any business is after – customer loyalty.  The difference between you and the local brick and mortar Mom & Pop business is they are limited to a local market and you are only limited to this world – at the present time anyway.

These are sound reasons why we feel investing in an internet business for sale is a good idea but we also believe in ecommerce for other reasons.  We believe in entrepreneurship first and foremost.  Our country was founded on the ability to start your own business and be your own boss.  To go the brick and mortar route is a risky and expensive venture.  Eric Wagner reported in Forbes that eight out of 110 businesses fail.  While there are many reasons a new business may not succeed overhead and ease of entry top the list we believe.  Ecommerce takes care of that because overhead is extremely low by comparison and it is relatively easy to enter the marketplace.

Start An Ecommerce BusinesEcommerce offers you freedom and flexibility.  One thing we always caution clients on is that owning an ecommerce site is no different that starting a brick and mortar store.  It will take work – lots of it, to get the business up and running.  Is it manageable – yes.  Because of the lower overhead and because you can still keep your day job if you need to, starting an ecommerce business and the workload that comes with it is completely manageable.  You don’t have to have everything done by next week because you’re paying rent on a building and all the expenses that come with a physical store.  You can work on it a little at a time if you need to.  Yes, that may give you a slower start but would you rather be doing something to work for you or just keep working for someone else?  This is not a case of you build it and they will come and anyone considering purchasing an internet business should understand that.  You have to create a lot of meaningful content to add to your site.  You need to market your business on social media.  You have to learn how to operate the cart.  But that is where we come in to help.  We’re there to train you – to teach you how to do these things.  We’re here to help you build a strong foundation on which to grow your business and we love helping entrepreneurs pursue their dream just as we have.

So what are you waiting for?  Don’t you want to know how you can rule your life and own your own business?


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