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Online Specialty Boutiques

Online Specialty Boutiques

Online Specialty Boutiques – Catering to a Niche Market Makes Sense!

Pair the benefits of an online specialty boutique with ecommerce and you can have a sure winner. Specialty boutiques target a specific niche, for example, boating, candles or pillows. By focusing on a particular part of an industry, your target audience is already well defined, and marketing becomes easier, plus you’ll reap the benefits of repeat customers.

Pure Ecommerce has helped so many clients pursue their dreams of business ownership with our businesses in a box concept. We have developed a 10 step process to teach anyone with little or no ecommerce experience in how to run a successful online business. We offer our clients 40 hours of training and consulting with all of our ecommerce businesses for sale. Our professionally designed websites are fully loaded with drop ship products. When you use drop shipping, you don’t have to buy or store expensive inventory, your vendor ships the ordered products directly to your customer.

You’ll begin your training immediately, focusing on basic business set up including information regarding financial accounts and merchant account providers.   You’ll love the easy to use admin area of all of our internet businesses for sale, here is where you will learn to update current products and load additional products as your business continues to grow. We’ll introduce you to your vendors, plus instruct you on where and how to find new vendors for your growing business. We’ll help you set up the proper tax rate for your website and review the many shipping options available to you. We don’t stop there – you’ll receive training on search engine optimization for our experienced team members, plus we’ll teach you everything you’ll need to know on how to market your new business using popular social media platforms. Our training also includes basic bookkeeping and analytics, so you can see how well your business is doing, or where you may need to make some improvements or concentrate your time. All of our clients receive access to the eLearning library which is filled with training and resource materials that you can study at your own pace. If you do what you love, you’ll love what you do!

If you would like more information on online specialty boutiques and niche market targeting, or to speak with a representative, please contact us!

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Pure-Ecommerce has been featured in many top shelf magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and MarketWatch