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Cyber Monday Success! This Year’s Holiday Shopping Results


Ecommerce is Breaking Records this Holiday Season!

By Bailey Holtz

Cyber Monday has come and gone—were you one of the millions of Americans who benefitted from the sales to pick up a new television, kitchen appliance, or children’s toy? 

Chances are, you were! This year’s Cyber Monday spending was up 19% from last year, according to Adobe Analytics, making this the largest sales day in the history of U.S. ecommerce. Seemingly everyone and their mother were buying online on Monday!

Curious about how spending broke down, about where, when, and how consumers made their purchases? We’ve synthesized the most important holiday shopping results right here for you to peruse. 


There’s More than Just Cyber-Monday…

Firstly, it should be said that Cyber Monday isn’t the only online spending holiday this time of the year! Consumers are also spending on the days leading up to it, all of which have a special identity of their own. 

To kick off the long weekend we have Thanksgiving, and let us tell you, people were busy with more than basting turkeys and mashing potatoes that day! Online spending reached a whopping 4.21 billion on Thanksgiving. So if your dad snuck off for a bit to “tidy up the attic,” he might have just been scoring a new set of golf clubs. 

Then there is, of course, the only sales holiday we remember from our pre-internet days: Black Friday. This day has a reputation for being a bit of a crazy-maker, causing normally-peaceful citizens to turn on each other while in the check-out line of a department store. Now, many of the sales have moved online, and consumers were very happy not to have to wake up at 4 a.m. and head to their local superstore: they spent 7.43 billion online this year. That meant everyone could buy all the discounted mixers they desired without causing harm to others. Everybody won and no mixers were damaged!

Next comes Small Business Saturday, a relatively new holiday, invented in 2010 to boost commerce at small, local and online businesses. For anyone starting a new online business, this holiday is an excellent opportunity to get your name out there and boost your sales considerably. This year, spending that day totaled 3.6 billion. Less than on other days, but still not shabby, considering this pertains only to small businesses and the holiday is still new. 

Sunday…is just Sunday! But spending remained high that day, totaling out at 3.83 billion

Finally, we wrap up the long weekend with Cyber Monday, when Americans spent a whopping 9.42 billion

In total, according to the National Retail Federation, 189.6 million Americans spent money online this past weekend, representing a 14% increase over last year’s spending. With an increase like that, it might make sense for you to look into getting your own online business launched—it seems very likely that sales will continue to increase year after year!


And, There’s More Than Just Desktops…

If there were a holiday comedy film about a man trying to buy all the perfect gifts for his family online in time for the holidays, but who was being constantly thwarted by a well-meaning but hapless shower curtain ring salesman, it would be called Desktops, Phones and Tablets (I’m referencing, of course, the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles—a holiday classic!). 

Consumers these days are using any means necessary to get online to make their purchases, as evidenced by the inclusion of phones and tablets in the post-holiday metrics. This year for the first time ever, according to Adobe Analytics, consumers will buy more on their phones than on their desktops—47% versus 46%.

One of the reasons consumers turn to their handhelds more and more is because the purchasing process has been streamlined. Since 2016, time spent per visit has decreased by 11% and the number of pages a consumer must browse through has decreased by 14%. The less time you have to spend clicking around, the more likely you are to stay engaged and make a purchase. 

Interestingly, consumers tend to make their smaller purchases on phones and their bigger ones on a desktop. The preference is seemingly to conduct research on bigger-ticket items on a computer, meaning that desktop shopping carts tend to be 28% more expensive than phone ones. This is helpful to note for businesses that sell small-ticket items. Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly is absolutely critical in order to be competitive on these spending days!

Tablets, meanwhile, lag behind the pack on the generation of sales and traffic, making up only 5% of both. Sorry, tablets; the world has yet to catch up to you!


Social Media and Email Marketing: Powerful Drivers

Social media has become a big part of online spending, often driving consumers to websites to make purchases. Adobe Analytics tells us that over the past three years, visits to websites driven by social media engagements have more than tripled. Now they make up about 11% of the traffic—a not insignificant number! 

Social media can be even more influential when it comes to merely giving browsers inspiration for gifts. 57% of consumers say they got gift ideas while browsing social media. 

In addition to social media, email is a very powerful way to reach potential consumers, especially on their phones. People tend to open emails sent during the holidays at a higher rate than at other times of the year: open rates increase by 6% and click-through rates go up to 4%. For businesses looking to increase their marketing outreach in the new year and in the 2020 holidays, it will pay to expand into all channels: email messaging and social. If you need assistance with any of these, Pure-Ecommerce has you covered!

Now Is The Time To Enter The Ecommerce Industry

As you can see by the holiday shopping results we’ve recapped for you this is already turning out to be a stellar season for e-businesses. We can only imagine online sales will continue to rise during the remainder of the holidays. Consumers are choosing the ease and convenience of online shopping over the arduous in-store shopping. If you’ve been considering starting an online business, let this be your signal to move forward at full-steam…

Give yourself a gift this holiday season and become an ecommerce entrepreneur for 2020! Then let Pure-Ecommerce help you with every aspect of your website. We can provide you with ready-made businesses or custom-built business options. Plus, all sorts of marketing, design, and website maintenance services too. Schedule your Introductory Call to speak directly with our CEO, Jeff Varner, to learn more.  

Now is the time for you to become a part of the amazing spending statistics for next year’s cyber sales! 


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A Message of Thanksgiving from Pure-Ecommerce


Grateful For Our Team & Clients at Thanksgiving and All Through the Year!

By: Bailey Holtz

Often, in the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving or other holidays, we forget why these special occasions even exist. Like when we’re waiting in a mile-long line at the grocery store to pick up our turkey, or sweating over our stove, or coaxing our irate little ones into their formal outfits, it can be difficult to recall that we are investing all this time and energy into a holiday that celebrates gratitude! 

That’s why at Thanksgiving we at Pure-Ecommerce like to take this opportunity to remind ourselves of everything we are grateful for. There are plenty of things we would like to give thanks for – our families, our homes, our bountiful food. But most of all, we would like to give thanks for the incredible group of people we work with here at Pure-Ecommerce – our clients and team members. Our company wouldn’t exist without them. The incredible vision and passion our clients bring to us as they start their own online business. Plus, the tireless efforts of our team give our clients each and every day. Our team is driven by our passion to help others realize their dreams and our mission to help them bring their ecommerce business to life!


The Pure-Ecommerce Team

Project Managers

Our project management team is simply amazing! They show dedication to providing top-notch service with smiles on their faces and cheery emojis in their emails. That’s because they are expert multi-taskers, able to guide a website from conception to launch. Our project managers have clients’ best interests at heart and always figure out how to best bring their dreams to life. Project managers liaise with and keep all other departments in the loop, so nothing ever goes undone. Thank you, project managers, for your commitment to clients and your ability to oversee so much!


Our design team has a commitment to creating the best quality websites possible. That takes no small measure of creativity, innovation, and expertise, and our design team has all three in abundance! Whether they are building a gorgeous website or helping clients tweak the site they already have. Our design team constantly seeks out ways to make sites more marketable and more attractive to customers. You are in good hands with our design team and we are grateful for them every day! 

Client Consultants and Content Writers

The process of creating a website should be all about YOU, and our client consultants know this and take it to heart! Our friendly consulting team has a dedication to assist our clients as they work through our 10-Step Process. When you choose to work with our team at Pure-Ecommerce you will also receive access to our exclusive eLearning Library. This is where you will have access to our step-by-step instructional program to learn to set up, run and marketing your new online business. At Pure-Ecommerce we offer our clients the tools they need to start an ecommerce business in the online marketplace. 

Our creative content writers work diligently to make your website reflect your aesthetic and values. We write copy that sounds like you and gives you advice that is most useful to you and your vision for your site. 

Thank you, client consultant and content writers, for your diligence and commitment to each client!


Administration and Management

Of course, all the hard work and effort on the part of the above teams would be for naught if it weren’t for the exceptional management team at Pure-Ecommerce. The management team has both big-picture and day-to-day involvement and supports employees whenever and however they need it. We could not ask for a more supportive, caring, knowledgeable management team –  thank you for all that you do!

Our Founder

As we express our gratitude, we remember and thank our founder, Jennifer Varner. She lived by her motto – “Rule Your Life – Own Your Own Business” when she started Pure-Ecommerce. It was her vision and dream to help budding entrepreneurs bring their ecommerce business to life. She was driven to create a consulting business that was different and gave others the tools they needed to start their own ecommerce business. She knew how important it was to build a strong and knowledgeable team to not only assist her clients but to also continue her legacy. Our entire team continues to keep her dream alive through their commitment to helping others. We invite you to learn more about our founder by going here

The Pure-Ecommerce Clients

The Team at Pure-Ecommerce is most thankful for our outstanding clients!  Whether you’re a newer client or a client for years, we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for trusting our team with helping you start your ecommerce business. Our wish is only the best for you, your family and your business this holiday season and into the future! We are appreciative you chose Pure-Ecommerce to help make your dream of being an ecommerce entrepreneur reality. Thank you for being a part of our team and a part of the Pure-Ecommerce family! 


In the coming days as we celebrate Thanksgiving, we may well find ourselves beleaguered by the customary stressors: shopping, cooking, decorating, mediating between feuding family members…but we will always be strengthened by the knowledge that we work with an incredible group of people at Pure-Ecommerce! 

So, with that, we wish you all the best for your Thanksgiving holiday! Be happy, be merry, stay grateful and always be inspired to be and do your best!

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