Custom Website Design Questions

Pure-Ecommerce understands opening an online store can be a difficult decision especially with the many options that can be available. During our many successful years helping new entrepreneurs navigate this market, we have come upon a few common questions that may help determine if the custom website design route will work for you.

We've done our best to answer these questions here, but if you need more information, please contact us!

How long does it take Pure-Ecommerce to complete a Custom Website?

At Pure-Ecommerce, the average completion time is 6-8 weeks for a custom website; the actual completion time is determined by the scope of the project. The project completion date can also be affected by other factors. Some issues that may determine the speed of the completion process are: the time of year you start, the vendor response time and how quickly we move through the design process.

Why is it less expensive to build a custom website business versus buying an existing ready-to-go websites?

First, you are coming to Pure-Ecommerce with your own concept and domain name for a custom website. Second, websites are like real estate - it can take time for the domain name to generate traffic, so the longer a site sits on the web, the more valuable it becomes.

A website's history within Google, the value of the domain name, and the man-hours involved in an existing turnkey increases the price. Our existing websites have been built live from day one, this means the site has been sitting in Google and has been indexed and spidered daily.

Why work with Pure-Ecommerce?


Before starting Pure-Ecommerce, our founder started and sold one of the largest online maternity stores - all from her kitchen table! While wildly successful, there were also many hard lessons learned that have become the foundation of services we offer our clients. We understand the struggles many entrepreneurs face in the online market and help guide our clients with the tools needed to work and grow their own internet business.

The team at Pure-Ecommerce can help you:

  • Understand the process of starting and growing and online business
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Achieve the level of success you are hoping for

The benefit of working with Pure-Ecommerce is we are unlike any other ecommerce consulting firm. The experts at Pure-Ecommerce take you step-by-step through a 40-hour consulting and training process. We teach you every aspect needed to create, operate, and grow your online ecommerce business. In addition to creating your website business, we work with you closely in a one-on-one environment by going over every critical aspect of ecommerce in which you need to be trained in order to be successful.

How does the drop ship sales process work?

  1. You get an order
  2. You send the order information to the vendor/manufacturer/designer
  3. They ship the product out directly to the customer
  4. The vendor then charges your card on file - which you should already have your money from the paying customer
  5. You keep the profit!

Click/Tap the graphic for a more detailed idea:

How Drop Shipping Works

What are my average monthly costs?

  • Merchant Account: $25.00
  • Hosting: $12.95-$20.00
  • 800 Number: $5.00 (average)
  • Newsletter Provider: $5.00 (average)
  • Advertising: Individually Based


Average Total Fixed Costs: $40.00-$50.00 per month

Are you limited to creating sites in specific industries?

Absolutely not! We work in many niche market industries that target a specific customer base.

To confirm Pure-Ecommerce works in the industry in which you are interested, please contact us.

Need more Information?

If you still have questions or would like more information about our custom website creation process, simply request a phone call or receive information by email




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