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Access to our eLearning Library makes obtaining an ecommerce education easy!

Ecommerce Education Made Easy

Included with the purchase of any of the Pure-Ecommerce ecommerce businesses-in-a-box or our custom internet website packages 3 & 4, is 24/7 online access to the Pure-Ecommerce eLearning Library.

To obtain your ecommerce education, as a client you will receive access to the ecommerce learning materials in which we continuously update.

This feature is in addition to the 40 hours of step-by-step ecommerce consultation that all clients receive when working with us.

The Pure-Ecommerce E-Learning Library will allow clients to login at any time to:

  • Download & Review Consulting Steps
  • Access Multiple Learning Materials
  • Access Additional Articles & Research Materials
  • Access Learning Tutorials & Videos
  • Review Business Management Organizational Tools

The world of ecommerce is ever evolving and ever changing.

This is why we want our clients to be updated frequently with the most relevant learning materials we can provide.

You will be able to refer to this material as you work through our 10 step process - it is accessible to you 24 hours per day and every day of the week!



Knowledge is Power

Setting up an internet business can be a daunting task. Knowledge is power and the key to your ecommerce success.

Pure-Ecommerce is all about offering our clients the knowledge and education on how to start, run and grow a successful online business.

Anyone can watch a video on how to start an internet business, but we work with you one-on-one via the phone and email until we know you fully understand the task we are teaching.

Our in-depth documents include written instructions detailing every action you need to take to run your business in an easy to follow step-by-step manner.

We even include screenshots so you can clearly understand where to go and what to do.

Knowledge is power with the eLearning Library from Pure-Ecommerce.com

Pure-Ecommerce continually updates our eLearning Library materials



Continually Updating

The Pure-Ecommerce eLearning Library allows us to keep our clients up-to-date by providing continuous learning tools, as well as being able to work through the consulting process at their own pace.

We are constantly revising and updating this material to ensure that we’re providing you with the latest best practices and we use our client’s feedback to expand upon or make clearer any material they find challenging.

You'll never be left in the dark.  Any time we update materials we make an announcement so clients who are already up and running can check out the latest information we’re providing.

eLearning Materials Covers All Steps


We’ve taken years of first-hand, real world experience and broken it down into 10 steps of learning.

Step 1: Basic Business Practices


This step will include information on how to apply for all your business licenses and set up your financial accounts. We’ll go over how to obtain hosting and register your domain. We cover applying for your merchant account and once you’re approved we’ll even set it up for you. We tell you how to create your social media accounts and we link those to your site. It’s a busy and important step and we cover everything from taxes to email.


Step 2: Vendors


We teach you how to find additional vendors. We’ll show you what to look for, how to set up and maintain vendor relationships and we’ll provide you with information on trade shows. You will also meet with your project manager to transfer vendor relationships and learn more about your website's current vendors.


Step 3: Store Administration


This step gives you hands on instruction on how to work the back end of your website. We’ll take you through every component of your back end and show you how to add content and products and how to process orders.


Step 4: Merchant Account & Shipping


At this point in the Pure-E process, you’re ready to dig into your back end more. We’ll show you how your merchant account works in compliance with your site, how to create coupons and gift vouchers, help you set up your shipping methods and taxes so you're charging the right amount, and how to process orders/returns.


Step 5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


This step is done in four parts because it is very important to your website and it is a lot of material to cover. Part 1 will explain the importance of SEO and delve into topics like keyword research and ranking. Part 2 will cover key areas such as meta tags & content, image optimization, and link building. Part 3 will go over how to submit your site map(s) to Google & Bing. Part 4 will explore the Journal framework and review.


Step 6: Social Media Marketing


We cover a lot of material in this step. For social media marketing, we focus on the big platforms such as – Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Press Releases. We’ll show you how to optimize your profiles and how to use social media to promote your business and garner engagement from customers. We’ll also teach you ways to market and promote your business offline as well.


Step 7: Email Marketing & Lead Generation


In this step our consultants will review the best practices to market your online business via email marketing. We also give you insight on how you can generate more leads (and hopefully customers) with effective lead generation methods.


Step 8: Pay Per Click Advertising


This step is made up of three parts: 1) We’ll explain what pay per click advertising is and show you how to perform proper research and teach you the anatomy of a great ad. 2) We will help you create your first campaign and explain the quality score. 3) After your ad has been running, we'll help you review and understand your PPC ad results.


Step 9: Analytics


It is critical to your ecommerce success to know your numbers. Your analytic programs will track visitors who come to your website. You’ll know what keyword they used to find you, how they were referred to your site – organic search, social media or PPC ads. You’ll learn which numbers to look at and how to use this data to market your business.


Step 10: Website Review


This step is conducted after you’ve been in business for a few months. In this step we’ll go back through your site and marketing efforts and take a look at what you’ve been doing. We’ll give you feedback and show you where you’re on the right track and offer suggestions for where you can improve.


Empowering you with eLearning and a guided hand

Easy & Convenient Learning Experience

You'll get 1 full year access (unless otherwise specified) to our eLearning Library PLUS 40 hours of ecommerce consulting. It's a winning combination that will get you on the right track with confidence to building your own business online.

And if you need more time to go through the materials, you can always extend your access time.

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