Couples Are Spending More Than Ever On Weddings!

There's never been a better time to purchase an online wedding favor business for sale. Did you know the average cost of a wedding is between $25,500 and $31,500? One in eight couples will spend over $40,000 and one in four don’t even have a budget! Personalization and creating an experience for guests are at the forefront for brides and grooms. The wedding business is an excellent online business opportunity! 

Today’s brides are planning their weddings in advance, many times before a groom is even in the picture and they’re all doing it online. The bride to be loves to shop online and have everything delivered to her door so she can focus on planning and creating the ultimate experience to remember.

Ready to Go Ecommerce

Our online wedding favor businesses designed by Pure-Ecommerce are created with brides and grooms in mind. Our ecommerce websites are easy for anyone to shop from and they’re easy for business owners to operate on the back end. Our ecommerce consultants will take you through step by step setting up, running and marketing your business. We’re even there to help you process that first order!

Your wedding favor business will be loaded with drop ship wedding favors, décor, and all the essential items brides and grooms are looking for. When they purchase, you’ll submit your order to the vendor and the vendor will ship directly to the customer. Ready to go means we’ve established vendor relationships for you and loaded your products. You concentrate in the beginning on getting your business structure set up and obtaining your licenses while we put the finishing touches on your website. Once you’ve completed your set up, you’ll be ready to move through the process and start learning how to market your business and sell your products.

Pure-Ecommerce offers custom designed sites

Have you been dreaming of opening a website focused on the wedding industry?  Do you already know what you want your site to look like and what products you want to offer?  If so, Pure-Ecommerce can custom design a site just for you.  You’ll choose all your colors, fonts and the style of your website and we’ll make it look exactly the way you want. It will require more effort from you in the beginning but you’ll get a site that looks and feels exactly like you want it to.  Once you approve your final design, you’ll be ready to start learning how to set up your business and begin marketing it.

We’re not done yet!

Ecommerce education is important to your success and our ecommerce training will get you started off on the right foot. The Pure-E process will show you what you need to do and when. Our 40 hours of ecommerce consulting will teach you how to apply this knowledge. You will learn to load content and products in your back end, how to process orders and monitor your analytics so you know who your bride and grooms are and what they’re looking for. We’ll introduce you to our hosting partner, Earth Girl Hosting. Earth Girl will not only host your website for you but offer you support after the sale and you’ve completed your training. Pure-Ecommerce will give you 24/7 access to our eLearning library which is loaded with information. We can be your key to owning an ecommerce business but it is up to you to turn that key and work the business.

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