Respect The Craftsmanship And Beauty Of Vintage Items? Our Vintage Websites For Sale Target This Popular Niche Market!

Purchase a vintage website for sale and capitalize on this specialty niche market. Everywhere you look these days you’ll see vintage items. Vintage furniture and décor is hugely popular. Consumers love the style but they also appreciate the nod to the past and since many vintage items are created from reclaimed goods, they love the “green” aspect of purchasing vintage products. Industry analysts from Today’s Economic Forecast for 2015 and 2016, predicts US consumption of furniture and bedding to increase by a 4.5 and 5% respectively. 

Consumers love the flexibility and convenience of online shopping. 24/7 access to the store and delivery right to their front door is appealing. Add to this convenience the popularity of vintage items and you have yourself a great online business opportunity.

Ready to Go Ecommerce

Pure-Ecommerce provides our clients with vintage websites that are gorgeously designed. The appeal of the site is as alluring as the products to consumers. The website is easy for consumers to navigate and use to shop. It is also easy for business owners to operate on the back end. We even offer ecommerce training – we’ll teach you how to run your business and how to market it. You’ll be ready to process your first order!

The ready to go ecommerce sites we offer are designed to be SEO friendly. Your vintage website will come with vendor relationships established and drop ship products already loaded so that once you have all your business details set up and arranged, you’ll be ready to begin marketing the website. Drop ship means that you don’t have to hold inventory, your products will be shipped directly to the consumer from the vendor. You won’t have to hold any costly inventory. Customers will order from you, you’ll place the order with the vendor and the vendor ships to your customer directly. 

Pure-Ecommerce offers custom designed sites

Have you been thinking about ruling your life and owning your own business for a while? DO you already have a vision of what you want your vintage website to look like? If so, a custom designed site may be just for you. You choose the colors, fonts, and style of the design. You pick the vendors you want to work with and select the products you want to sell. A custom designed website package takes a little longer than our ready to go sites and requires more effort on your part but in return, you get a website designed the way you want it. Once you approve your final design, you’ll be ready to start learning the back end of your cart with our professional ecommerce consultants helping you every step of the way.

We’re not done yet!

No experience with ecommerce? It’s not a problem; our ecommerce training will teach you. We will introduce you to the Pure-E process and get you started on your 40 hours of ecommerce consulting. You will learn how to load content and products in your back end. You’ll discover how to process orders and monitor your analytics so you know who your customers are and what they’re looking for. We partner with Earth Girl Hosting who will not only host your website for you, but offer you support after the sale and you’ve completed your training. You’ll have 24/7 access to our exclusive eLearning library which is loaded with information on running an ecommerce business. We can be your key to owning an ecommerce business but it is up to you to turn that key and work the business. You are the secret to your success!

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