Internet Businesses for Sale

Pure-Ecommerce Offers Complete Business in a Box Solutions!

Pure-Ecommerce offers internet businesses for sale that provide you with everything you need to get started ruling your life and owning your own business.  What is a business in a box? A business in a box is the ecommerce solution our Founder, Jen Varner came up with to help those who have no experience running an ecommerce business get started operating their own business. She learned the hard way what it takes to be a successful ecommerce entrepreneur and she wanted to share that information with others so maybe their road to success is a little less bumpy.

A business in a box offers:

  • Professionally designed ecommerce website targeting a niche market industry
  • Vendor research is conducted and relationships are established for each site
  • The initial drop ship products are loaded so you hold no inventory – receive an order, submit it to the vendor and the vendor ships the product directly to the customer
  • Access to our exclusive eLearning library that explains in detail our 10 step process
  • Specialized search engine optimization and online marketing techniques explained to help you 
  • 40 hours of consulting with our professional ecommerce consultants who will mentor you every step of the way

Freedom and flexibility but still work

It’s time to rule your life! Own your own business, work anytime and from anywhere while you find your key to ecommerce success! The beauty of an internet business is the freedom and flexibility you have with it. You can determine your hours and you can work anywhere you want. All you need is a phone, a computer, internet connection and the drive and determination to be your own boss. Just like with any other business, an ecommerce business must be worked. You will have lots of content to write, decisions to make and relationships to establish. You’ll spend a lot of time marketing your site both on and offline. You’ll need to be comfortable with blogging, being on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and many other social media outlets. But even though you’ll be busy, you will have the ability to do this work anywhere and anytime of the day. No punching a clock and no one telling you what to do. If you want to travel the world by day and work by night – you can!

Multiple industries available

Pure-Ecommerce has lots of experience building, operating and selling ecommerce businesses. We’ve been doing this since the company was founded in 2007. Through diligent industry research and practical hands on experience, we’ve determined profitable industries to develop websites for. We conduct vendor research constantly to find great quality products that are drop shipped by reputable vendors. You’ll find just about everything in our collection – from pets and toys to sports and furniture. If you’re interested in something not shown in our collection of internet businesses, ask us. We will either already know about it or we’ll research it for you to see if it is viable.

How do you select the right business?

Not quite sure what type of ecommerce business you should get into?  Online business opportunities are abundant but finding the right fit is important to your success.  If you love what you're doing then it is not a job! You'll enjoy what you're doing and the passion you have for your products will impress your customers.  We offer a FREE guide to Selecting the Right Website Business.  Download our e-book today to get started on your path to ecommerce success!

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