Jennifer Varner, the founder of Pure-Ecommerce, was a true inspiration to her family, clients, and staff. She believed in the power of living your best life and she did so by being a fabulous mother to four children, a partner in life and business with her husband, as well as being a powerful entrepreneur who believed in empowering others to live their best life too.

Jennifer experienced a lifetime of trials, tribulations, and incredible successes in her 42 years.

While pregnant with her fourth child she was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive breast cancer. She went through grueling treatments and surgeries to fight this terrible disease. Once in remission, Jennifer knew it was more important than ever to live life to the fullest. With her husband by her side and the incredible team she built, Jennifer inspired so many people to "rule their own lives".

It was extremely important to her to be an inspiration to her children as well. They were her main focus as she worked incredibly hard through the years to build her business to teach them to be good problem solvers, show them they could make it through difficult situations and that, with hard work, anything is possible!

What a beautiful inspiration she was to so many before her cancer returned. Even though she fought the toughest fight, this beautiful woman was taken from us. Her ability to teach people the power of being their own boss while being true to their entrepreneurial spirit is the legacy she leaves for a lifetime.

Jennifer is still a guiding light and a beacon of inspiration as the testimony she has shared with so many will live on.

To me Jen was an incredible teacher. Through working with her on a daily basis, she taught me so much about life and no matter what you go through to stay true to yourself. She was an excellent example of how to live life to the fullest in everything you do. She was a visionary who knew how to bring out the best in every thing she did, as well as, every person she met.

I miss her guidance and magnificent presence; she was such a beautiful person inside and out. I am thankful for having her in my life and know that I am better person for having her inspiration. Her spirit for life is everlasting...

--Noel V.

Jen's love for life and her business had a tremendous impact on me. At the time I found Pure-Ecommerce, I was searching for an opportunity, which would allow me to work from home yet still be challenged in my day to day work. I also needed to be part of a team. Owning my own e-commerce business and eventually working with Jen as a Pure E-commerce consultant did that and so much more. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to meet Jen in person on two occasions and spend quality time with her. Her spirit, enthusiasm and 'can do' attitude was constant and even when she had no more fight left in her, you could still see a passion that would live on in those lives she touched. She definitely left her mark on this world!

--Linda H.

Jen brought me into the fold when I needed it most. Over daily chats, we became fast friends and learned to rely on one another. We were each other's sounding boards when we needed creative ideas, business advice, or just a shoulder.

Jen was smart, determined, quirky, empathetic, and strong. To simply say I miss her is an understatement. She will remain a beautiful, perpetual inspiration to me.

--Amber L.

I'll forever be grateful for having Jen in my life. We shared a birthday, many laughs and I'm even grateful for the times we bumped heads as it reminded me how strong willed we both are. Her strength is immeasurable. Her work ethic is unmatched. Her spirit will live on in Pure-Ecommerce through us forever. I love you & miss you to pieces my friend.

--Melissa M.

Jen taught me that we need to take time to laugh, that is was not always about work. I miss our weekly group chats. They were so light and fun. We literally never knew what our conversations would turn into. That was the best time for me.

--Susie B.

Jen was a great person and lived life to the fullest. Her determination and drive to succeed made me want to work harder and never give up my dreams. She is greatly missed but I am so happy her legacy lives on through Pure-Ecommerce.

--Dawn C.

Jen was such an inspiration to me. She was beautiful inside and out! She inspired me to always do better….Always in a gentle, but firm way.

--Linda R.

One word to describe Jen - resilient. She never seemed to let things hold her down. It would be easy to be defeated if handed the same cards she was dealt. But she was determined to make it through any obstacle...both in business and in life. I admired the fight in her tremendously.

--Christine R.

I found Jen to be passionate about Pure-Ecommerce and her work with clients. She was a strategic thinker and a marketing genius. But, most importantly, she cared about her co-workers and her clients. She was an inspiration to us all.

--Catherine P.

Jennifer Varner Memorial

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Jennifer Varner touched many lives during her time with us.  Please feel free to leave a comment below if you'd like to share your experience(s).

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Kathleen OBrien:
08/30/2017, 08:19:45 AM

I am a survivor friend of Jen. I met Jen while on vacation in Maui to talk with her about buying ecommerce store . She was was so full of life that day happy to be living in Maui loved her family and her life. She sure lived every day to the fullest and left a legacy for all who knew her. I was so inspired by her and one day she called me and said she was starting a blog about survivors who inspired her and she wanted me to be the first person she wrote about in her blog. Miss you Jen

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