Our Mission


"I understand the numerous days and nights spent in a hospital when fighting a cancer diagnoses.  Having means to connect with friends and family from your room is such an important outlet, sometimes an escape, from the reality of doctors and treatment." - Jennifer Gault-Varner


Kilian's Kids was founded by Jennifer Varner, CEO of Pure-Ecommerce, to provide electronic devices to children with cancer or serious illness. 


Jennifer, a breast cancer survivor and CEO of, through Kilian’s Kids provides laptop computers, iPads®, iPods®, and Ninetendo DSI® game systems to children and families fighting life threatening illnesses. Kilian’s Kids is named in honor of Jennifer’s “miracle baby,” Kilian, whom she carried during her breast cancer battle. 


To nominate a child who is ill and in need of electronic devices, or for questions about Kilian's Kids, please contact us at or call 1.866.511.6257.

Meet Kilian


Meet Kilian Scott Varner born January 18th, 2010. Kilian was brewing in my belly while I fought and won my battle with breast cancer. No human being should ever have to fight for their life while creating one, but Kilian was worth every ounce of pain and struggle I had to endure.


Each and every day I look at his face and I praise God for allowing me the opportunity to bring this beautiful child into the world. I know that there is a greater plan for Kilian's life, and I am honored to be his mother.


Kilian inspires me each and every day to fight hard and move past cancer.


Kilian means "small and mighty". Kilian is a survivor!


Our Story of Survival

In 2009 we had just returned home from Chicago where my husband and I were celebrating his 10 year cancer-free anniversary. One week after returning, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. At the time I was three months pregnant.

Following my diagnosis I would undergo a masectomy and chemotherapy, all while carrying my baby. A baby I wasn't willing to give up.
Early on, God granted me a sense of peace that Kilian would be perfect and I would undergo my chemo treatments with little to no side effects. I felt so blessed to be able to undergo six months of chemo and never once become sick due to the grueling treatments. But more importantly, I will forever be grateful for the ability to carry to term this perfect, beautiful child we call Kilian.
Kilian means small and mightly. When I learned the meaning of his name, I knew this was the name God would want this baby to have. St. Kilian's Feast Day is July 8th. My birthday! I knew this to be my sign that everthing that has happened was meant to be.
Today Kilian is five years old. He is a survivor. Kilian is perfect and healthy! My husband is a 13 year colon cancer survivor.  I am also a survivor, cancer free, happy, and healthier than I have ever been in my life.
It's been an honor to start this organization and give back to children who face, and fight, life-threatening illnesses. In my darkest fear filled moments, I was so inspired and encouraged by the bravery of young children having to fight their own cancer battles. The thought of a child having to endure the treatments I was undergoing broke my heart, but also inspired me at the same time. If they could be brave and strong, so could I!
In partnership with my company, raises money to provide sick children and/or their caregivers with laptop computers, Ipods®, Ipads® and Nintendo DSI® game systems.
It is our hope that, having access to these devices, will provide children and their caregivers the opportunity to stay connected to the outside world, update family and friends, chat with friends they aren't able to be around due to their immune systems being compromised, long hospital stays, and  even long trips to their treatment centers.
If we can provide these families with something that allows them to keep up with their  lives, and provide a little sense of peace while having to put life on hold, then Kilian's Kids will be a success.
We are all survivors!!!