Meet the Pure-Ecommerce Team!

Pure-Ecommerce has assembled a team of top-notch experts to make your dream of owning an ecommerce business a reality!

We Practice What We Teach

Anything is possible when you work online! Our dedicated team members live around the world, and most have never met in person.  We constantly communicate by email, chat, social media and phone, every day!  Many of our clients marvel at how committed our team is when we don't work in an office building under one roof.  Distance doesn't hamper our efforts. If anything, it probably makes us more creative in what we do.

We've Been in Your Shoes

The majority of our  team members own an ecommerce business of their own, which, collectively, gives us a very unique perspective.  We've been there!  We know what you're facing and feeling, and we can help you take those first steps to attaining your dreams.

Management & Admin
Jeff Varner - Pure-Ecommerce
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.
Noel - Pure-Ecommerce
Melissa - Pure-Ecommerce
Project Managers
Susie - Pure-Ecommerce
The mind is everything. What you think, you become.
Dawn C. - Pure-Ecommerce
Linda H. - Pure-Ecommerce
Cannis R. - Pure-Ecommerce
Client Consultants
Julie - Pure-Ecommerce
A girl knows her limits, but a wise girl knows she has none.
Cathy B. - Pure-Ecommerce
The trouble is, you think you have time.
Linda R. - Pure-Ecommerce
Design, Tech & Development
Amber - Pure-Ecommerce
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
Christine R. - Pure-Ecommerce
Marisabel P. - Pure-Ecommerce
Kim A. - Pure-Ecommerce
Neil P. - Pure-Ecommerce
Florame P. - Pure-Ecommerce