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Concept: According to Yoga Journal, the word "Namaste" breaks down as "Nama means bow, as means I, and te means you. Therefore, namaste literally means "bow me you" or "I bow to you." It represents the belief that there is a "Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra." The gesture is an "acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another." What a beautiful greeting and a peaceful way to begin and end your yoga session with others! That's why Pure-Ecommerce is excited to bring you this exceptionally designed ready-made website with an appropriate and memorable domain name  - Welcome to!
Here yoga lovers can shop for a variety of essentials they need to practice yoga. No matter if they're practicing at home, in a studio or teaching others the practice of yoga - at this yoga e-store they can shop for yoga apparel both for men and women, yoga training gear, essentials needed for relaxation, plus much more!
New to e-commerce? Not to worry as our team will help you get started by researching and finding drop ship vendors, plus load the first 100 products. Then you will work with an assigned Project Manager to assist you with selecting the remaining 200 products. Our team will load those products for you for a total of 300 drop ship products to help you get started.
Plus, is a 100% responsive design website. This means this website will look great whether someone is shopping from their PC, smartphone or tablet. Plus,  as the owner, you will be able to reach customers through the connected social media pages, blog, and newsletters. On each of these platforms, you can share exciting news, sale info, tips, and inspirations for yogis everywhere!
You will also work with our consulting team as you work through our 10 step instructional program to learn how to set up, run and market your new online business. You will receive ecommerce consulting to help answer questions as you work through the steps. Need more assistance? Check out our Platinum Package Upgrade to help jump start your new yoga website business.
Do not wait - you do not want to miss out on this beautifully designed drop ship internet business - let's work together as you become an e-commerce entrepreneur and start to do what you love!

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Industry Stats:

  • Americans spend $16 billion on yoga classes, clothing, equipment, and accessories each year. 
  • There are approximately 36 million Americans who practice yoga while there are approximately 300 million yoga practitioners worldwide.
  • Yoga is practiced by a very large number of people worldwide with 72.2% being women and 27.8% men, this target market is ever-expanding with numerous men and women of all ages.
  • Yoga was started 3,000 years ago in India and it is a fitness practice that unites the mind, body, and spirit.

Key Benefits:

  • Low Workload: Owner puts in as little or as much time they feel is necessary - very flexible
  • Purely Drop Ship: Easy to place orders with vendors and they will ship the product directly to your customers
  • User-Friendly Shopping Cart: Many features that benefit the owner and customers
  • Home-Based: Freedom and flexibility to work on your own schedule
  • Relocatable: Work from any location as long as you have an Internet connection
  • Training Included: You will receive 40 Hours of Ecommerce Consulting with our 10 Step Instructional Program

*All of our sites come with our Award Winning 40 Hour Ecommerce Consulting and Training Program*

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Are you searching for a higher-level internet business package that will give you the essentials to get you started? Then you should upgrade your Pure-Ecommerce Internet Business in a Box to a Platinum Package! When you choose to upgrade to Platinum status you will not only receive our high-quality standard features, but you will receive the additional perks to take your website business a step further. Here's what is included when you upgrade to the Pure-Ecommerce Platinum Package:

  • 1 Month of SEO Services
    • 10 pages (300 +/- words)  with naturally written optimized content, optimized headings and meta title optimization and meta description optimization
  • 1 Month of Social Media Services 
    • 4 blog posts
    • 4 blog promotion posts each, 1 per week (4 - Facebook and 4 - Twitter)
    • 10 posts to social media per week (5 - Facebook and 5 - Twitter)
    • Comment management
  • 10 Pinterest Boards Setup and Optimized (Completed within 4-6 weeks)
  • $500 Service Credit to Enhance Your Business
  • Lifetime Access to the Pure-Ecommerce eLearning Library
  • Lifetime Access to the Pure-Ecommerce Ticket Support System
  • 50 Hours of Ecommerce Consulting & Mentoring

*Optional: Product Description Rewrites - 300 product website will include rewrite 300 product description rewrites and an 800 product website will include 800 product description rewrites. 

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