Monogrammed Gifts

Love Personalized Gifts? Purchase An Online Monogram Business For Sale To Do What You Love!

Why purchase an online monogram business for sale? When you do what you love, it isn’t work! Monogramming has and always will be around. People love personalization and there will always be a market for these products. Your customer base ranges from professionals looking for business gifts to students looking for something to please a teacher. Moms love dressing their children in monogrammed clothing and kids love anything with their name or initials on it. The global personalized gifts market size is expected to reach USD 31.63 billion by 2021. The Americas is predicted to be the leading regional segment, generating both highest revenue and maximum incremental growth through the forecast period.

Customers obviously love the convenience of shopping online because ecommerce is still growing at a rate of over 24% per year. People are so busy now that they appreciate the ability to be able to shop 24/7 and have the package delivered straight to their front door.

Ready to Go Ecommerce

Our online monogram businesses are beautifully designed with your customer in mind. They’re easy to use on the front end and easy for you to operate on the back end. Pure-Ecommerce will help you get your business up and running, show you ways to market your personalized gift business and be there with you to help you process your first order.

We design our ready to go ecommerce sites to be SEO friendly. Each website will come loaded with drop ship personalized products and the website is just waiting for you to get your business structure in order and start marketing these monogrammed products. Drop ship means that you don’t have to hold inventory. Your personalized products will be listed on your store and promoted by you. When the customer orders, you submit the order to your drop ship vendor who will turn around and ship the products directly to your customer.

Pure-Ecommerce offers custom designed sites

Do you know exactly how you want your website to look and already know the types of products you would like to offer? If so, we can custom design a site just for you. We’ll let you choose the look and feel of your website. You’ll determine the colors and style, pick your vendors and select your products. The custom route takes a little longer and requires more effort on your part but in return, you get a website designed the way you want it. When your custom final design is approved, you’ll be ready to start learning the back end of your cart with our ecommerce consultants helping you every step of the way.

We’re not done yet!

How do you run an online monogram business? Our ecommerce training will teach you. Our team of ecommerce consultants will introduce you to the Pure-E process and get you started on your 40 hours of ecommerce consulting. We will teach you how to load content and products in your back end, how to process orders and monitor your analytics so you know who your customers are and what they’re looking for. Our hosting partner, Earth Girl Hosting will not only host your website for you but offer you support after the sale and you’ve completed your training. You’ll have 24/7 access to our Pure-Ecommerce eLearning library which is loaded with information. We can be your key to owning an ecommerce business but it is up to you to turn that key and work the business. 

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