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Online Stationery Boutique Business For Sale

Pure-Ecommerce designs online stationery boutiques for sale that feature purely drop ship inventory. This niche target market represents a competitive, yet lucrative industry. With the advent of social media, email and instant messaging, one might wonder if this market is on the decline but the opposite appears to be true. In fact one of the largest target markets for the personalized stationery market is the 25-35 year old market, not the market one would expect since this age group is dominant on social media and the internet. The stationery industry is estimated at $41 billion and is expecting steady growth over the next 5 years. Now is a terrific time for you to enter this flourishing niche market with an online stationery boutique business!

Stationery has evolved into creative and highly designed products. Invitations of all kinds are more elaborate than ever and the personalization options for products from notecards to cell phone covers are immense. Today's consumer does not want the status quo and they want the convenience of being able to shop for personalized stationery online and have it delivered directly to their door. From the resurgence of letterpress printing to the impact of digital printing, the stationery industry is revitalized and experiencing impressive growth.

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