Platinum Package Upgrade

Jump Start Your New Ecommerce Business!

The Pure-Ecommerce Platinum Package upgrade is a collection of beneficial add-ons that will take your online business to the next level. When you decide to upgrade to platinum you will not only receive everything in our standard business-in-a-box, but we will take it a step further for you.

You may upgrade any of our current Premium Internet Businesses for Sale.

Check out the benefits and what is included in this exceptional package below!

1 Month of SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization can be one of the most time consuming tasks when starting a new online business. However, it is a part of your business that you must develop in order to become ranked and found in the search engines. What good is having a beautiful online presence without any shoppers?

You'll receive one month of search engine optimization services that will help boost your ecommerce site rankings with the major search engines and increase your exposure on the internet. We strive to have these SEO efforts work for you with increasing your site's traffic and ultimately increasing the opportunity for more sales.

  • 10 Pages of content creation and optimization
  • Naturally written optimized content
  • H1 heading utilized
  • Meta title optimization
  • Meta description optimization
  • Sitemap submission upon completion

Platinum Package Upgrade - SEO Services



Platinum Package Upgrade - Social Media Marketing and Blogging



1 Month of Social Media Marketing & Blogging

Social Media Marketing and Blogging are platforms in which every internet business owner should be using to spread their brand presence. It has been reported that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

People are using social media and blogs to find information about products they want and in turn, following these brands. Plus, they are using these platforms to share their experience with products that is helpful to other consumers.

Social media and blogging is not only beneficial to your online business, building your brand and creating customer loyalty, but it is also beneficial for the SEO of your business.

  • Content creation and social media posting
  • 4 blog posts, 1 per week
  • Social Media Promotion - Each blog post will be promoted on your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • 10 posts to social media: 5 – Facebook & 5 Twitter




1 Month of Pinterest Promotion

Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social network in the U.S. in terms of traffic. With over 80% of pins being repinned, you should see the necessity of utilizing Pinterest to promote your internet business. Pinterest users are 10% more likely to purchase a product they see from a pin versus a post on Facebook or Twitter. They also send 10% more customers on average versus other social media platforms.

Pure-Ecommerce will help you get started with your Pinterest page so you can easily grow and maintain your page as you also grow your online business. With statistics like those mentioned above, the Pinterest platform makes sense to promote your internet business.

  • 10 boards: 10 to 12 pins each
  • Keyword Optimized - 10 boards focus on categories and main keywords
  • 10-12 pins per board (20 – 50% of the pins will be your company’s products, the remaining 50-80% will be images from other places)
  • Optimized descriptions and pins - We will optimize the board descriptions and comment on pins we post





Platinum Package Upgrade - Pinterest Promotion

Platinum Package Upgrade - Lifetime Ticket Support



$500 Service Credit

Use this credit to enhance your business now or in the future. This is a great perk because you can choose when and how you want to use it! We offer many different a la carte services to update or enhance your website. You have the option of choosing additional SEO & Marketing Services once your Platinum Upgrade has been completed. Or maybe you want a new look to your website over time where you can make some tweaks to get an updated look with our Design Services. Maybe you will need a little Website Maintenance help in the future - that's an option too! 

You have many different choices to enhance your business once your Platinum Upgrade is complete. Our team will complete these services when you're ready as this credit will be added to your Pure-Ecommerce Portal Account and it will never expire.




Lifetime Access to our eLearning Library

By upgrading the internet business you choose to a Platinum Package, you will receive Lifetime Access to our eLearning Library. You will have access to the written materials, videos and instructional steps at your convenience – 24/7.

Our team is continuously updating the information to include the latest tips and techniques on how to run and manage your ecommerce business in the most effective manner.

Platinum Package Upgrade - Access our eLearning Library

Platinum Package Upgrade - Lifetime Ticket Support



Lifetime Access to the Pure-Ecommerce Ticket Support System

When you choose to upgrade to our Platinum Package, you will receive Lifetime Access to the Pure-Ecommerce Support Ticket System. You will have access to submit questions or issues you may be having with your website and need additional support from our team.

You can access our support ticket system at any time you need a little extra help. Our team will respond to your ticket in a timely manner to give you the additional assistance you need.




50 Hours of Ecommerce Consulting & Mentoring

Receive an additional 10 hours of consulting time when you upgrade to a Platinum Package. You will receive a total of 50 hours of consulting time to work one-on-one with our consulting team as you work through the Pure-Ecommerce process.

During the consulting period you will work through our 10-step instructional program at your pace and with the assistance of our team. You will receive consulting guidance through scheduled phone consults, email and our support ticket system.

Platinum Package Upgrade - Ecommerce Consulting and Mentoring

Platinum Package Upgrade - Product Rewrites (optional)



* Product Description Rewrites (optional)

You have the option of having our team rewrite the vendor provided product descriptions. By doing so this will give your customers a fresh, new description of the products on your website.

When you choose this option, websites with 300 products will include 300 product description rewrites and websites with 800 products will include 800 product description rewrites.



Let us help you hit the ground running your new online business! Contact us today to learn more about this exciting upgrade.