Pure-Ecommerce Process

Are you wondering how to start a successful ecommerce business?

The Pure-Ecommerce Process



We are excited you have chosen to work with Pure-Ecommerce as you decide to take control of your future and become the owner of an ecommerce business.

You have two choices with Pure-Ecommerce to choose from our Ready-Made Internet Businesses, or create your own Custom Internet Business. Once you decide which path is the right choice for you we will assist you in the selection and agreement process.

You can setup a FREE phone consult to speak with our CEO, Jeff Varner, to learn more about our sites and services. He will take you through the purchase process to select the right internet business for you!



Once your purchase agreement is in place, you will be sent everything you needed to get started in the Pure-Ecommerce 10-Step Process.

You will schedule your first consult to go over the first steps you need to get started. You will then proceed to Step 1 where we consult you on the best business practices to setup your online business by giving you tips and guidance as you begin the Pure-Ecommerce process.



As a client of Pure-Ecommerce you will receive access to our exclusive eLearning Library. The 10-Step Process is outlined in the eLearning Library and this information can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The eLearning Library is constantly updated, and you'll have immedaite access to those updates! 



When you choose to purchase one of our internet businesses for sale or select one of our four custom website design packages, you will be assigned a Project Manager.

Your Project Manager will work with you and your site to setup the initial vendor relationships and load the allotted amount of products. The role of your Project Manager will depend on your package. You can read more below.



Our team will work with you on your time, and at your pace, as you go through our 10-Step Consulting Process! The time it takes to complete the process is dependent upon you and your personal schedule.

Pure-Ecommerce will give you up to 1 year to use the 40 hours of e-commerce consulting included with most of our packages.

The goal is for you to walk away completely versed in how to run an e-commerce business, while not being overwhelmed in the process.



After reviewing the step information in the eLearning Library you will set up a phone consult to go over any questions you may have about the step.

Our 10-Step Process has been designed to help you learn to setup, run and market your online business.

We start with the initial business setup, move onto understanding the store administration, how to gain new vendor relationships as you grow your business, plus Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, analytics and more. 



At the end of the process, we will also provide you with a final overview of your site to help you as you complete the process.

The methods and techniques we outline in our 10-Step Process will take you beyond the Pure-Ecommerce experience.

You will be able to continue and expand upon what you have learned as you work with our team at Pure-Ecommerce.

We give you what you need to get started – you take it to the next level as you work your way to online success!



To find out more about how the process works visit our Common Questions page. Watch the video below featuring Pure-Ecommerce Founder, Jennifer Varner, as she explains the next step to owning your own internet business.

The Role of Your Project Manager
Clients Who Purchase a Ready-Made Internet Business

The Project Manager, or PM, is assigned even before your site is purchased. The Project Manager begins working on building drop ship vendor relationships immediately after the site has been designed.

When the Welcome Package goes out to you, we will introduce you to your Project Manager. Once all the products have been loaded to your site, the Project Manager will do a final check of the products.

In Step 2 of the process, you will meet with your Project Manager via a phone consult to discuss any questions you may have about your current vendors.

They will also introduce you to each of your current vendors and the vendor relationships will be transferred to you as the new owner of the site!

Clients Who Purchase a Custom Internet Business

The Project Manager, or PM, will be assigned once you decide on your concept and your custom site is designed.

They will work with you one-on-one to set up drop ship vendor relationships. When you build a custom site you have the ability to pick and choose the type of products you will want on the site.

The Project Manager will assist you in the application process as the initial vendor relationships are being setup for you.

The time it takes to complete the vendor and product process is dependent on you as the Project Manager will work with you closely sending you updates each week.