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How do you buy ecommerce websites?  View our videos for more information!

Pure-Ecommerce is delighted to offer this video library to answer your questions on how to buy ecommerce websites.  She will share with you exactly what we do and how our process works when you buy an ecommerce website.  Our goal is to help create ecommerce entrepreneurs fulfill the dream of owning their own business.  We've taken commonly asked questions and developed these videos to help you understand what we offer and how our 10 step training process works.



Video 1:  Welcome to Pure-Ecommerce
This video offers a brief overview of Pure-Ecommerce and how our process works.  Our Founder, Jennifer Varner explains how we develop our ready to go ecommerce websites and the difference between these ready to go sites and a custom design ecommerce website



Video 2:  How do I live off a laptop? Can I really live and work anywhere in the world?
The answer is YES! View this video to hear more on why Jen recommends laptops for ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to work from anywhere.



Video 3: How do I choose an industry?
Niche market industries are one of the keys to success.  In this video, Jen explains how we research and determine the criteria we use to develop websites in certain niche markets.  She also offers pointers on how to determine what industry will work best for you.



Video 4:  What is drop shipping?
In this video, Jen explains the drop shipping process and why it works so beautifully for ecommerce websites.  The drop shipping process is one aspect that allows  flexibilty and freedom for ecommerce entrepreneurs to work from anywhere in the world and to determine their own work schedule.



Video 5:  What are profit margins?
Depending on the industry, the profit margins will vary.  Jen explains the profit margin criteria and standards we establish for the websites we create.



Video 6:  Why aren't there products on some websites listed for sale?
Jen explains why and how the product loading process is completed for our ecommerce websites for sale.



Video 7:  Can I add more products to the website?
Absolutely!  Jen explains the process of product loading and why it is important to continue finding drop ship vendors and adding new products to your site once you've purchased it to grow and expand your ecommerce business.



Video 8:  Can I change or move around products?
Most definitely! You can change, move them around, add, or delete products however you like.  The website is yours and you can change it any way you like.  We teach you how to manage the backend of your website completely.  In this video, Jen explains what you can do yourself and what you will need help with from a professional.



Video 9:  Do I have to host with EarthGirl or use Pure-Ecommerce web designers?
No.  Jen explains in this video why we recommend using Earth Girl Hosting and our professional web designers and the process of working with someone you choose.



Video 10:  Can I live in Canada and own/operate a .com site?
Yes, you also have an advantage because you can operate a .com and .ca domain.  Jen explains the advantages of purchasing an internet business in Canada in this video.



Video 11:  Is this a scam?
Absolutely NOT!  We've been in business for 7 years and can provide reference articles and client testimonials to prove that we're real and offer you a solid foundation to begin your ecommerce business.  We don't promise success or that you'll make a million dollars overnight.  Those things are determined by you.  Success comes from good old fashioned hard work and consistency as Jen explains in this video.



Video 12:  Is this too good to be true?
NO, it's not too good to be true - it's the real deal.  Our mission is to provide you with a solid foundation and teach you how to become an ecommerce entrepreneur.  We get you started, but you will have to work to be successful running an ecommerce business from home or anywhere in the world!  We'll teach you how to work your site, how to climb in rankings through search engine optimization (SEO) and how to promote your business through social media so that you have the tools you need to be successful.



Video 13:  I'm ready to purchase, so now what?
Jen explains the steps after purchase to get started with your internet business.




We can discuss our websites, services and any questions you may have about starting your own ecommerce business.