Business In A Box

The idea for a business in a box was first born after the experiences our Founder, Jennifer Varner, had when she started her first ecommerce site at her kitchen table. She had no experience and no idea what she was doing but she was driven to make it a success.

The first month of running her maternity website, she had $7,000 in sales. A year later she topped a million. Through it all, she made every mistake in the book and this is where the concept of a business in a box came to her.

She wanted to share what she learned from her mistakes, the lessons she learned the hard way and the shortcuts she discovered with other ecommerce entrepreneurs. She built the foundation of Pure-Ecommerce at her kitchen table again with the sole mission of helping others who want to rule their life find the way!



Invest in your future

Leave behind the 9 to 5 and struggle to get ahead

Gain financial security and independence through your hard work!

A business in a box is what we call our internet businesses for sale, simply because they come with everything you need to get started owning and operating your own ecommerce business.  Pure-Ecommerce designs ecommerce websites that come preloaded with drop ship products.  This means you carry no inventory - you get an order, submit it to your vendor and the vendor ships directly to the customer. 

When you purchase one of our websites it comes with our exclusive 10-step process and 40 hours of consultation.  This means we're here to mentor you through the process of setting up and getting started with your ecommerce business.

A business in a box gives you the tools to be successful. Once you've completed our 10 steps of training you'll have everything you need to work hard and make your dream a reality.




The complete Pure-Ecommerce Business in a Box includes:

The complete Pure-Ecommerce Business in a box includes several tools to be successful in ecommerce


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Our Offerings

Premier Ecommerce Businesses for Sale

We have unique website designs in several industries and target markets for you to choose from!

Custom Internet Businesses

Be part of the design process from start to finish and select the products you want from our growing list of drop ship vendors.

Pure-Ecommerce Exclusives

10-Step Process
40 hours of Step-by-Step Consultation
Merchant Account Setup

We're with you every step of the way!

Operate from Anywhere

Our sites can be run from anywhere in the world.  All you need is a laptop or mobile device, phone and an internet connection.  The path to owning an ecommerce website is within your reach!

The Pure-Ecommerce team is available to help guide you on your way.

Run an ecommerce business anywhere in the world - can help!